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How are Roma

Roma - unique people, whose members are scattered across the planet.

Absorbing the various elements of the culture of the countries and regions in which the fate of the will were, Roma, however, revere and preserve their own ancient traditions.



According to historians, the gypsies many centuries agocame from the territory of India, after which were scattered around the world. It is difficult to find a country which would not set foot "Roma" - this is how the Roma themselves called their tribesmen. The uniqueness of this people is, inter alia, that, to preserve their traditions, they do not remain indifferent to the influence of other cultures.


Among today's Roma can distinguish twomain groups - nomads and those who lead a sedentary life. Nomadic life when encampment, consisting sometimes of hundreds of Roma, including children, women and the elderly, are still found both in Russia and around the world. Often Gypsies from poorer regions tend abroad, choosing the big cities, hoping to earn. Unfortunately, the level of education among the Roma youth and children is still far from the norm. Therefore, most of the nomadic Roma tabor, as a rule, expect to make money by begging, fortune-telling and fraud on the streets of big cities.


In a number of European cities after the appropriatedecision of the local authorities evicted Roma in certain areas. A Tabor, from time to time appear in the parks and squares of major cities, often cause violent disapproval of the locals. Gypsy accused of parasitism, the reluctance to conduct labor activity, addiction to various kinds of criminals, etc.


Nomadic Gypsies to stop choosing outskirtstowns, forests. In Russia, according to official statistics, periodically detected enclaves, dividing the campgrounds. To create a temporary home in the woods, Gypsies use a variety of materials - plywood, cardboard, polyethylene, etc. Unfortunately, in such primitive living conditions, not only the Roma tabor. For example, on the outskirts of Belgrade, the Serbian Roma have created a town whose houses are made of the fact that "fell by the hand."


Among Roma today found bothpoor, barely secured representatives (for example, people from Central Asia, a business of begging in Russia), and the very rich. Representatives of the Roma diaspora, who are sedentary, as a rule, tend to a luxurious lifestyle. Magnificent stone and brick houses, laden with expensive furniture, paintings in gilded frames, the abundance of colorful carpets and marble stairs - this is not a complete list of "attributes" like mansions.


The Gypsy homes could live as one, andseveral families. Among the traditions inherent in the people, a special place occupies the respect of young people to the older generation. Men and women of advanced age are the unquestioned authority of other family members. At weddings and other celebrations, accompanied by a feast, the oldest guest seated necessarily the most honorable places.

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