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How to remove hair extensions


How to remove hair extensions</a>

Hair extensions have long been fashionable.

It really looks pretty nice and effective, but sometimes there are situations when hair extensions need to be removed.

In the cabin, such a service will be quite expensive, so you can try to remove hair and houses.



Buy at a pharmacy or at a specialized store(For example, in a hairdresser's shop, which usually is in large shopping centers), a gel for lifting hair extensions. With its help, keratin capsules can be removed easily and without special losses. Choose a remedy strictly for your hair type, so as to not end up harming them. Do not buy the cheapest tool, it can ruin your hair.
Spread the gel on your hair and rub it for a few seconds. Then apply any nourishing mask to your hair, leave it for twenty minutes.
Climb into a hot bath and lie down in itSome time. Soon the keratin capsules will begin to soften, then just remove them from the hair. This procedure will cost you much cheaper and will bring much less harm than a similar procedure in the cabin.


Obtain somewhere anywhere or purchase special forceps for lifting hair extensions.
Apply olive or burdock oil to your hair.
After that, apply a mask for dry hair from above (you can replace it with a very fatty sour cream if you do not have a mask on hand).
After a while, take the forceps to remove the accreted hair and carefully remove the hair with them.


For this method, you will also need special forceps. In addition, buy a special keratin diluent. Pour them a capsule with augmented strand.
Rub the softened capsule with forceps. The strand will easily fall off.

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