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AS Removal of extension hair

How to remove hair Naroscheny

Hair extensions have long become fashionable.

It really looks quite nice and impressive, but sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to remove hair extensions.

Inside, this service will cost quite expensive, so you can try to remove the hair and home.



Buy at the pharmacy or in a specialty store(For example, in hairdressing shop, which usually have in large shopping centers) gel for removing hair extensions. With the help of keratin capsules can be removed easily and without much loss. Choose a tool strictly for your hair type, so that they ultimately did not hurt. Do not buy very cheap tool, it can ruin your hair.
Spread the gel on your hair and rub it a few seconds. Then apply any hair nourishing mask, leave it on for twenty minutes.
Climb into a hot bath and soak in itsome time. Soon keratin capsules begin to soften, then simply remove them from the hair. This procedure will cost you much cheaper and will bring much less harm than the same procedure in the cabin.


Obtain somewhere or buy a special forceps to remove hair extensions.
Apply on hair olive oil or burdock.
After that, apply a mask on top for dry hair (you can replace it with a high-fat sour cream, if the hand is not the mask).
After some time, take the tongs to remove the hair extensions and gently remove them with the help of hair.


For this method, you also require special forceps. In addition, purchase a special thinner keratin. Pour him a capsule with the increased locks.
Crush softened capsule using forceps. Strand easily subside.

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