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How to enroll in the exams in the SAI

Letting teoritechskoy part of the exam in the traffic police

There are two possible entries on the exam in the traffic police.

Each of them has its own characteristics and rules that should be followed.

To find out which method is most suitable, you should read the terms and conditions of each option.

The need for the exams for the right drivingthe car does not arise until after the end of a driving school. Because with the tightening of measures against drunk drivers legislator has established an obligation for them to confirm their knowledge of traffic rules after a period of deprivation of rights will end. That is, before the return of law need to pass the theory: exam, the results of which assessed the ability to access the driver to the road management.

Electronic record for the exam in the traffic police

This capability is not yet implemented for allTraffic police departments, but soon this innovation will be available to every motorist. In order to find out how things are going with the electronic record in the right department of traffic inspection, it is possible to visit the site of this structure and find the right address. If the ability to record on the internet is, on this page to the traffic police department will be discussed.

Next, require registration gosuslugi site.ru. After filling in all graph you will need to obtain an activation code for your account. It can be mailed to the home address of the applicant, or issued in the nearest branch of Rostelecom. With appropriate responsiveness it will be available on the same day.

Once your account is in the state bodyYou need to go through the tabs: personal account - the choice of the region, city or area - e-services - the Ministry of the Interior Ministry - acceptance of promotion examinations. On a page of the local branch of the traffic police should choose the most convenient date and time to put a tick next to the line and enter your details.

The traditional procedure for recording the traffic police

Pre-registration for the exams there inAll traffic police departments. About how she made the inspector, can be found in the window of driver licensing. In addition, today the majority of traffic buildings are equipped with electronic terminals, which will be offered a choice of available dates.

On the day of the exam is recommended to comeearly, as those wishing to confirm their right to drive a car is always enough. For those who take an examination on their own, rather than with the driving school, you can join one of the groups, and perform with her the same course of action: surrender of the theory and then the practical part of the test. The last includes exercises on the racetrack and the movement of the city. After successfully passing the exam inspector issued the form marked "put", which is the basis for obtaining a driver's license.

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