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How to register for the exams at the State Traffic Inspectorate


Surrender of the theoretical part of the exam in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate</a>

There are two possible options for entry to the exam in the traffic police.

Each of them has its own peculiarities and rules, which must be adhered to.

To find out which method is most acceptable, you should familiarize yourself with the conditions of each of the options.

The need to pass driving examsThe car does not only appear after the end of the driving school. In connection with the tightening of measures against drunk drivers, the legislator has set for them the obligation to confirm their knowledge of the rules of traffic rules after the period of deprivation of rights ends. That is, before you return the right, you need to pass the theory: the exam, which results in assessing the possibility of allowing the driver to drive vehicles.

Electronic record for the exam in the traffic police

This possibility has not yet been implemented for allOffices of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, but soon this innovation will be available to every car enthusiast. In order to find out how things are with the electronic record in the necessary department of traffic inspection, you can go to the site of this structure and find the right address. If the possibility of recording on the Internet is, this will be told on the page of the traffic police department.

Next, you need to register on the gosuslugi website.En. After filling in all the graphs, you will need to get the activation code for the account. It can be sent by mail to the applicant's home address or issued in the nearest branch of Rostelecom. With the appropriate speed, it will be available on the same day.

After activation of the account on state servicesYou need to go through the tabs: personal cabinet - the choice of the region, city, district - electronic services - the Ministry of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia - admission of qualification exams. On the page of the local branch of the traffic police should choose the most convenient day and time, put a tick in front of the line and enter your data.

The traditional order of recording in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

Preliminary record for examinations exists inAll branches of the traffic police. About what kind of inspector it is produced, you can find out in the window of issuing driving permits. In addition, today in most buildings of the traffic police installed electronic terminals, in which the choice will be offered free dates.

On the day of the exam it is recommended to comeEarly, because those who want to confirm their right to drive are always enough. For those who pass the exam themselves, and not with the driving school, you can join one of the groups and carry out the same procedure with it: surrendering the theory and, then, the practical part of the test. The last includes performing exercises on the circuit and driving around the city. After the successful passing of the exam, the inspector issues a form marked "surrendered", which is the basis for obtaining a driving license.

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