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HOW put the fork on the table teeth up or down?

Leave fork and knife in a position, if you want the waiter removed the plate

The rules of table etiquette - a delicate matter, and not everyone knows the order in which the right to lay the knives and forks. But the question of whether up or down teeth should be based on the plug, is rare.

If the plug is not wrapped in a napkin, then it is placed on a table top teeth.

To turn the teeth

Question regarding teeth fork reallyIt may occur, as in modern restaurants and cafe table is not always served in advance in anticipation of guests. If any devices are prepared and you sit down at a table where everything is already laid, the male will lie exactly teeth up.
But if you came to the cafe or justwaited for their turn at the table, it often happens that the waiter removed the place just before you took it. Of course, he did not have time to lay the table, perfectly correctly spread out forks and spoons in the right order.

Fork supposed to keep it easy, using the index finger and thumb gently pressing it to the bent middle.

In this case, the devices often bring wrappedin a napkin. This is a sign that the fork and spoon perfectly clean, and you can be sure of the hygiene of their meal. If fork wrapped in a napkin, it can be put up as the teeth and down. Usually they do not see, we can only guess at the outline convolution, where there teeth. It turns out that putting the fork tines down on the table is allowed only in one case: if it is served wrapped in a napkin.

Using a fork

The plug is usually used as the main instrumentmost dishes except soups, spoon and knife, and act as support. But sometimes the plug acts as an auxiliary device. For example, if you need to cut a piece of meat, you take the fork in the left hand (to the right if you're left-handed, and further, all the recommendations for left-handers need to read the other way around), and a knife - to the right. Then, cut a slice, not rastopyrivaya elbows to the sides.
Then, too, should be done in accordanceAmerican or European styles. The American way implies that there you will still be his right hand. Put the knife on the edge of the plate, and then take the fork in the right hand and hold it up to his mouth teeth. In the European method, you can either continue to squeeze the knife in his right hand, either, but there have left hand. Fork, thus, holds down the teeth.

In the simplest case the plug is placed on the left of the plate, and spoon and knife - right.

If you come off the food for conversation, the puttingfork on the table, according to etiquette, you can not. And here are just important, up or down teeth you will keep it. There are two styles: an American and a continental or European. The American-style etiquette fork teeth hold up, and if you follow the European standards - down teeth.
As long as you do not finish the dish, not taken placefork on a table or on a plate. But if you still want to, for whatever reasons, to postpone the fork and finish it later, you can not put the device on a dirty tablecloth. It is placed on the edge of the plate, on the diagonal. cloves direction in this case is not important. If you want the waiter to replace your plate and flatware, then put them on the edge of the plate parallel to, if you imagine a face plate, cuttings have been in the field of 4 digits.

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