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As prescribed in the apartment of her husband

How to register in her husband's apartment

The possibility of residence in her husband's apartment depends on whether it is privatized, and if so, who is the owner (husband or another man) and how many people are spelled out in it.

Conjugal relations are important in registration in a municipal apartment.

In other cases - only the consent prescribed, and in the first place - the owner.

You will need

  • - The basis for a residence permit: a statement of the owner, a contract of gratuitous user living quarters or the universe in public housing certificate of marriage, her husband's passport and the consent of all, who is registered in kvartire-
  • - The application for registration at the place of zhitelstva-
  • - passport-
  • - A sheet of departure subject to availability.



The best option, if the husband is the owner ofhousing, in which no one but him, or he is not registered. In this scenario, it is sufficient applications for your dwelling, which he must notarize or directly by your submission of documents in ZhEKe, or FMS.
If the husband is registered more than one, and / or flatIt does not belong to him (including the owner of a residence permit in another location), will need to enter into a contract for gratuitous use of premises. This document is signed by the owner, you and all adults, prescribed in apartment in the presence of a notary or an employee housing department or FMS, and it is certified.


The marriage certificate is necessary to demonstrate, if your husband is registered in the municipal apartment. Also required consent to your registration of all adults prescribed in this room. Consent is also certified by a notary or an employee housing department or FMS.


If you have one of these grounds for a residence permit you can contact the passport office or housing department FMS territorial unit with a passport and a statement of residence registration.
If you have not checked out from the previous place of residence, fill in the appropriate section of the application. Otherwise, show your sheet of departure, if any.

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