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How to fix a plastic window to the wall


Anchoring of a plastic window</a>

How effective a plastic window will protect an apartment or house from external factors depends not only on the quality of the window itself and its components, but also on the way it is installed.

Fastening of the window should ensure a reliable connection of the profile of the window with the window opening and do not create unnecessary loads, so that the profile and frame are not deformed entirely.

All profile plastic windows, also knownAs eurowindows, though they have a great external similarity, but can be constructed using different profiles, fittings and ways of their connection. Also, the ways of fastening the window in the opening may differ. There are two main methods of fastening:
- with the help of anchor-
- with the use of mounting plates.


Anchorage is used for windows thatAre disassembled before installation and after already only the main frame is fixed to the window opening. The frame with which movable doors and double-glazed windows were dismantled, in case it is a blind part of it, is installed in a window opening and partially fixed with pegs. After this, a drill with a diameter slightly larger than the anchor is drilled in the frame in such a way that it does not damage the outer plastic. Anchors are distributed so that on each side there are at least two points of attachment of the frame to the window opening, or that they are not more than 0.8 meters apart. Holes must fall on those places where their continuation in the window opening will be on the middle of the brick or the middle of the reinforced concrete slab of which the wall consists.

The length of the anchor should be such that, taking into account the thickness of the frame and the distance from it to the edge of the window aperture, two thirds of it entered the wall.

Once the anchors are inserted and twisted,Remove all side and top supports. The lower supports remain in order to ease the pressure on the window fasteners. Anchor fastener forms the most rigid connection of the window with the wall.

Use of mounting plates

Plates are used the same as in the installationGalvanized profile for installation of plasterboard walls and partitions. It is a plate of galvanizing with perforations along the edges and with reinforcement ribs in the central part. As an anchor they are used in the event that the window is not disassembled before installation and installed entirely together with the doors and double-glazed units.

Fastening plates are great when the gap between the window and the wall is more than 3-5 cm and has an irregular geometric shape.

The plate is fixed by the central part behind the buttWindow frames with screws that screw directly into the window profile. After that, the window is placed in the window opening and fixed temporarily with spacers or pegs in the desired position. The edges of the plate are bent so that it resembles the letter "P", and once again the edges bend to the outside so that the wings are formed, for which it will be attached to the wall. Screws and dowels are used for fastening.

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