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AS plastic window attached to the wall

Anchoring plastic window

How effective plastic window will protect an apartment or house on external factors it depends not only on the quality of the window and its component parts, but also on how it is installed.

Fixing windows should provide a solid bunch Profile window with the window opening and does not create excessive loads, so as not to deform the profile and the frame entirely.

All profiled plastic windows, also knowneurowinows like, although of great resemblance, but may be constructed using different profiles, accessories and methods of connection. And also may be different ways of fastening the window in the opening. Apply two basic styles:
- Using ankerov-
- Using mounting plates.


Anchoring is used for windows, whichunderstand before installation and after longer only the main frame is attached to the window opening. Frame, which dismantled the movable sash and glass, if it is a blank portion, is installed in the window opening and partially secured using the pegs. Thereafter, the drill diameter slightly larger than the drilled holes in the anchor frame so as not to damage the outer plastic. Anchors are distributed so that on each side there were at least two points of attachment of the frame to the window opening, or they are upheld to not more than 0.8 m between them. The holes should fall on those places where they continued in the window opening will be in the middle of the middle of the brick or reinforced concrete slab, which consists of the wall.

The length of the anchor should be such that, taking into account the thickness of the frame and the distance from it to the edge of the window opening is still two-thirds of it went into the wall.

Once the anchor can be inserted and torquedremove all side and top backup. Lower backups are to relieve pressure on the fixture window. Anchoring generates more rigid connection to the wall box.

The use of fastening plates

The plates are used the same as the mountinggalvanized profile for installation of gypsum walls and partitions. This galvanized plate with perforations along the edges with reinforcing ribs and a central portion. As the fixing of their use in the event that a window does not understand before installation and is set entirely with doors and windows.

Fixing plates fit perfectly, when the gap between the window and the wall exceeds 5.3 cm and has an irregular geometric shape.

The plate is fixed central part of the facewindow frame using screws, which screwed directly into the window profile. After that, the window is placed in the window opening, and temporarily fixed pegs or spacers in the desired position. The edges of the plates are bent so that it resembled the letter "P", and once again the edges are bent outwards, to form wings, for which it will be attached to the wall. To consolidate the use of screws and dowels.

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