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How people hunted


How people hunted</a>

The origin of hunting refers to prehistoricPeriod of existence of mankind. In those distant times hunting, along with primitive fishing and gathering, was the main source of human food.

Millennia passed, the role of hunting in human life and the methods of obtaining game gradually changed.

In the conditions of modern civilization, hunting is often a hobby and a sporting hobby.



In primitive society, the methods of hunting are notDiffered a great variety. At first, the man used the tools for hunting game - stones and clubs. Uniting in groups, hunters drove the animals into specially prepared pits, and then finished off with stones. With the advent of more sophisticated tools, hunting equipment has also changed. In use came spears with sharpened stone tips, bow and arrows. Hunting increasingly acquired an individual character.


Subsequently to the arms of primitive huntersAdded quite ingenious devices for catching animals. Even in the Stone Age, people actively used traps, wooden traps, self-weapons and self-sights, as well as loops and snares for catching birds. Such a "passive" hunt did not take much time and did not require speed and agility. The hunter was required to alert the trap, and after a while check it.


Times have changed. With the development of farming and cattle breeding, the economic importance of hunting has diminished. Hunting became more and more a fascinating pastime, which she wanted to know. During the Middle Ages, hunting became a way of amusement for royal persons and those in whose veins noble blood flowed. Falcon and dog hunting became active.


The appearance in the XIII-XIV century of firearms inRadically changed the style of hunting. Weapons began to be used not only for conducting combat operations. Special models of rifles were intended solely for hunting purposes. It became much easier for the hunter to get game, after all now it was not necessary to come nearer to it closely. A bullet or shot shot could hit a beast or a bird at a distance of several tens or even hundreds of meters.


Today hunting has not only commercial but alsoSporting character. In many countries, the order and timing of hunting are regulated by law. There are specially designated hunting grounds and fishing rules. Violation of established norms and application of prohibited methods of animal production are considered poaching and are prosecuted in administrative or even criminal proceedings.

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