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As people hunted

As people hunted

The origin refers to the prehistoric huntingthe period of human existence. In those days hunting, along with a primitive fishing and gathering, was the main source of livelihood of people.

Went millennium, gradually changed the role of hunting in a person's life and ways of getting game.

In the conditions of modern civilization hunting - is often a hobby and passion for sports.



In a primitive society of hunting methods are nota diversity. Initially, people used to getting game means at hand - rocks and clubs. Join together in groups, hunters herded animals in specially prepared holes, and then finished off with stones. With the advent of more sophisticated instruments of labor has changed and hunting articles. It came into use spears tipped with sharpened stone, bows and arrows. Hunting is becoming increasingly individualized.


Subsequently weapons of primitive huntersadd quite ingenious adaptations for catching animals. Back in the Stone Age, man has used traps, wooden traps samolovy and crossbows, as well as loops and traps for catching birds. This "passive" hunting is not time consuming and does not require speed and agility. From the hunter's trap alert required, and some time later to check it.


Times have changed. With the development of agriculture and animal husbandry economic importance of hunting declined. Hunting is increasingly becoming a fascinating pastime, to know who betrayed. In the Middle Ages hunting was the way of entertainment for the royal persons and those in whose veins flowed the blood of the noble. Actively began to be used falconry and hunting with hounds.


The appearance in XIII-XIV century firearmsradically changed the style of hunting. Weapons used not only for the conduct of hostilities. Special models of guns meant only for hunting purposes. The hunter has become much easier to get game, because now no need to approach it closely. A bullet or shot charge could hit an animal or a bird from a distance of several tens or even hundreds of meters.


Today, hunting is not only fishing, butsporty character. In many countries, the procedure and terms of hunting are regulated by law. There are specially designated hunting grounds and fisheries regulations. Violation of the rules and the use of prohibited methods of animal production are considered poachers and prosecuted by administrative or even criminal prosecution.

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