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Laying asphalt in the yard

To lay asphalt in his backyard youneed tool curb tile, grout, gravel of different factions, sand, asphalt itself. In addition, the materials needed for the arrangement of the drainage system or livnevki, tape measure and level, string and pegs to mark the tracks, diesel fuel for the lubrication of tools for laying asphalt.

Also important is the clear weather with temperatures above zero.

Preparation for paving

Track layout is the first stage, andplot area to be asphalted. The asphalt track is not necessary to lay near the trees (less than one meter), otherwise the roots will damage the coating. Asphalt is better not to be laid at the sites where it will be all day sun with no shade. The layout is conveniently carried out using pegs and twine.
Next is preparing "earthen trough." This deepening of the entire award to the asphalt area. Its depth -. 20-30 cm depth depends on the anticipated loads on the pavement. Removed sod, roots from the soil carefully selected. Prepare to deepen curbs. They can be stacked to a height of future asphalt pavement or slightly above for more decorative. Borders will keep the form of tracks and platforms, protect against cracking. Borders are fixed on the mortar, then they will stand firmly.

To work you need spades,Grabarka. Twine, roulette, a set of pegs and a hammer. Hand roller weighing 100 kg and more. Tamping or vibrating plate. Mop for leveling prior to laying asphalt, leveling.

Calculate how much gravel and asphalt required. For footpaths and occasional loads as the car is enough to put crushed stone base 10-15 cm 20-40 mm fraction and a layer of sand. For sites under the freight better plan drainage layer fraction 40-70 mm, 20-40 mm gravel layer and the third layer of gravel fraction 5-20 mm. During the laying of foundation each layer Rollers and watered for a better grip of rubble. Katok need to walk at least five times.

Laying asphalt

the amount of calculation and the cost of the asphalt beingbased on the prepared area. Just write and apply a simple formula: multiply the area of ​​asphalt on a layer of asphalt (recommended 5 cm) and multiply the cost plus postage charge.

Between the base of the device is defined under the asphalt slope to the place of rainwater harvesting. The standard deviation value of 5.10 mm per meter of surface. Slope determined leveling.

For asphalting the local area andthe entrance to the garage, order a fine-grained sand or asphalt. Laying must be carried out very quickly, so it's best to work in a team of several people. Unload in several places, scatter shovels, brooms and leveled immediately and tamp roller rammer in remote places. To believe that the asphalt will cool slowly risky.
Shovels, compacting roller and treat diesel fuel,asphalt from adhering to their surfaces. Keep an eye on the thickness of the asphalt layer, check the slope. In no case do not stop the roller on freshly laid asphalt. The movement of the roller along the first make the site, then across to the alignment and smoothing the transverse seams of the rink. Unavailable for the rink space Tighten rammer.

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