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How to build asphalt in the yard


Asphalt paving in the yard</a>

For laying asphalt in your yard youYou will need a tool, curb tiles, cement mortar, crushed stone of various fractions, sand, actually asphalt. In addition, materials will be needed to equip the drainage system or rainwater, roulette and level, twine and pegs for marking the tracks, diesel fuel for lubricating tools when laying asphalt.

Clear weather with plus temperature is also important.

Preparing for asphalt paving

At the first stage, the tracks are planned andSite under the site, which will be paved. Asphalt tracks should not be laid near trees (less than one meter), otherwise the roots will damage the covering. Asphalt is better not to be laid on sites where the sun will be all day without a shadow. It is convenient to arrange the layout using pegs and twines.
Further, an "earthen trough" is prepared. This is a deepening along the whole marked to asphalt territory. Its depth is 20-30 cm. The depth depends directly on the expected loads on the asphalt. The turf is removed, carefully selected roots from the ground. Prepare grooves for the curbs. They can be stacked on the height of the future asphalt pavement or slightly higher for greater decorativeness. Curbs will retain the shape of paths and pads, protect from the formation of cracks. Borders are cemented on cement mortar, then they will stand firmly.

For work you will need shovels and bayonetsGrabarki. A string, roulette, a set of pegs and a hammer. Hand roller with a weight of 100 kg and more. Tramping or plate compactors. Mop for leveling asphalt before laying, level.

Calculate how much rubble and asphalt is required. For pedestrian paths and occasional loads in the form of a car it is enough to put a gravel base 10-15 cm with a fraction of 20-40 mm and a layer of sand. For a site for cargo transport, it is better to plan a drainage layer with a fraction of 40-70 mm, a layer of crushed stone 20-40 mm and a third layer of crushed stone 5-20 mm. During the laying of the foundation, each layer is compacted with a roller and watered to better grip the rubble. The skating rink must be walked at least five times.

Asphalt paving

Calculation of the quantity and cost of asphalt is underwayBased on the prepared area. It is enough to write and apply a simple formula: multiply the asphalt surface by the asphalt layer (the recommended 5 cm) and multiply by the cost plus the delivery fee.

During the construction of the base, the asphalt is given a slope to the rainwater collection point. The standard slope is 5-10 mm per meter of surface. Slope is determined by the level.

For asphalting the adjacent territory andArrival to the garage order fine-grained asphalt or sandy. Laying should be done very quickly, so it's better to work as a team in several people. Unload in several places, spread out with shovels, level with mops and immediately ram the roller and tamper in hard-to-reach places. Believe that the asphalt will cool slowly, risky.
Shovels, rammer and ice rink treat with diesel fuel,So that the asphalt does not adhere to their surfaces. Follow the thickness of the asphalt layer, check the slope. In no case do not stop the skating rink on freshly paved asphalt. Move the roller first along the site, then across to smooth and smooth the transverse joints from the roller. Seal the places unavailable for the rink by ramming.

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