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AS gold melt at home

As the melted gold home

For the manufacture of products in the home ofprecious metal melting furnace needs. Of course, you do not need industrial unit, which allows to process several kilograms of gold, because you're not going to engage in the production of jewelry for sale.

It is enough a small oven that can satisfy your modest demands creativity.



What requirements must be satisfied by homefurnace for melting metals? It should have a wide range of heating, be compact and easy to use. If you have skills you can build plant in which carbon and graphite powder is poured between the two such as the composition of the electrodes to which the voltage is applied 25-50 V. will also need a fairly powerful transformer (such as welding).


Due to a resistance correspondinggraphite powder formed gradually intense heat. In such an electric furnace temperature can reach 3000oS, this mode allows you to fuse small portions of almost all metals, including gold.


furnace heating time takes place in the range of3 to 5 minutes. This allows you to control metal smelting process, including shutting down the transformer. Since the metal is melted in small portions, it does not spread inside the oven and sufficiently well holds its shape.


Electric melting furnace is made ofavailable materials: tile or cement tile, graphite and mica. The dimensions of the furnace may be different and depend on the power network and an output transformer. The higher the voltage, the greater the distance between the electrodes. Thus, the use of welding transformer, issuing up to 60 V, requires the distance between the electrodes is about 200 mm. You can melt several tens of grams of gold or silver in this volume of the furnace.


The electrodes are suitable brush from the powerfulmotor. If it is impossible to use these brushes can be to saw a piece of graphite. The electrode contemplate the side two holes 5 mm in diameter, into which is inserted stranded copper wire. On the inner side of the electrodes with a file make a notch for improved contact with graphite powder.


Mica serves as a layer lining the wallsfurnace. It is a good heat insulator. The outer walls reinforce cement tiles 10 mm thick. Stand for the furnace will serve as an ordinary brick, laid on enamelled metal tray with sides.


Carbon and graphite powder can be obtained by treating a file served their rods. In the process of melting the powder will gradually burn out and require replacement.


Collected oven is connected to the transformerthick copper wires with an outer insulation to prevent short circuits. Cooking Baking warm that she later worked without smoke and soot.


Melting occurs as follows: first blade by means of the furnace in the middle do well in powder, it is placed in a portion of the first metal and buried. If you are using goldd scrap of various sizes, it is first placed a piece of the largest and the melting as it is added small pieces.


To make sure that the metal is melted,just shake the oven. The surface of the powder thus will sway. After the molten metal is inverted and melted again. Since repeated as long as the workpiece will not spherical shape (this shows as a melt).


After smelting the metal workpiece to be forged. The product should be on the anvil obstuchal small hammer.

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