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As it takes on the treadmill

For training on a treadmill really bring health benefits, you need to know certain rules

Treadmill ? this is probably the most popular simulator of those who buy for home use.

However, it observed that in gyms and many people prefer it and love the treadmill.

Everyone knows that running is an effective anduniversal physical exercise and a positive effect on physical fitness and well-being ahead of even cycling and swimming.



In the first 5-7 days of training on the treadmillincreased attention to walking, not running. Running should be 1/10 of the entire workout. And the workout should not exceed 20-25 minutes. So you protect your body from overload. Of course, much depends on the fitness. Listen to me: if you're ready in the first few days to give your body a big load - it's your business, but this approach threatens to muscle and joint pains and even tachycardia. In any case, the lesson should start with a warm-up and finish walking easy walking.
From the second week of load can be increased,bringing the ratio of running to walking to the segments of equal time (for example, walking 10 minutes and the same run). Despite the fact that in the second week you are more hardy than at the beginning of training, the training program is still necessary to choose wisely, not bring themselves to exhaustion. Fatigue should be pleasant.


Run speed should be set such thatit is possible to maintain heart rate within an acceptable range. The pulse can be controlled based on the statements, which can be seen on the dashboard. A margin? is 200 minus your age. Do not stop exercise abruptly, this has a negative impact on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, as they are not able in a short period of time to readjust. Failure may even cause loss of consciousness.


Pobespokoytes advance about clothing and shoes. Typically, these are special shoes designed for running (they significantly reduce the impact load on the musculoskeletal system), light shirt and sweatpants. Not from synthetic materials. Remember that training on a treadmill in gym shoes or other footwear on a flat sole bad for the joints, increasing the possibility of injury.


It is not necessary in the early classes to establish the most difficult level of the treadmill web. The angle should be reasonably fit your level of physical fitness.


The air temperature in the room where your training takes place, there must be no higher than 20-22 ° C. It should be aired.

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