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As written in the program "What? Where? When?"

How to write a program in What? Where? When?

The game "What? Where?

When? "Is on the air for over 35 years.

Every year in the program address comes 300-400 thousand letters with questions for the experts, but in a game table only get dozens of the most interesting and beautiful mysteries.

You will need

  • - An envelope with sufficient marok-
  • - Personal fotografiya-
  • - Pen and paper or Internet access.



Examine the information for those who want to askquestion to experts, the official website of the game. Remember that the first selection takes place "by eye" - discarded letters with errors or obvious and banal. In addition, it made a serious test of sources on the data which the question is based. Welcome job not knowing the exact facts, and those, the correct answer can be found by using logic and reasoning.


Send your letter by mail. To do this on a sheet of paper as clearly specify your question below, write the answer and all of sources (print and virtual) that you have used. Be sure to include your name, leave contact information, including phone number, address, e-mail. In rare cases, the revision is associated with send an email for more details, but it is rather an exception. It is also necessary to invest in an envelope your picture. Send a letter to the address 127427, Moscow, ul. Academician Korolev, 12, "What? Where? When?". If you wish to ask a question video connoisseurs make quality recording on DVD or Mini DV, together with a letter send by post.


Write on e-mail program edition"What? Where? When? »Vopros@tvigra.ru. Requirements for the issue and design are the same as for writing messages. They need to be literate and not too easy. The question itself write in the message body and not as an attachment. Do not forget the picture. The undoubted advantage of email is that the message will not get lost somewhere in the mail.


Take the opportunity to send an inquiryduring the game. To do this, visit the Branch number 13, it is called "Questions of MTS." In the special fields, type task, and the answer to it. Page functions correctly only with the beginning of the broadcast until the top will show the thirteenth sector. This is a disadvantage for the regions with a zone that is different from Moscow, because there is a game show in the record. So viewers better to check with the Moscow program schedule and send an inquiry into the sector 13 immediately after the start of a real transmission.

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