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As it is impossible to feed the cat

As it is impossible to feed the cat

Cats are very picky about food, and for good reason, because the cat's health depends on its power.

But many owners make serious mistakes, after which the cat is sick.

As yet it is not necessary to feed the cat?



Feed the cat on the table - this is the first major mistake, because what a person eats, is not always suitable for the animal. Our food contains a lot of salt and other substances that destroy the health of the cat.


Putting food in a dirty bowl or saucer. On the dirty dishes mold is formed, which can poison the cat. Also leftovers zavetrivayutsya and lost that, too, can cause poisoning.


Feed raw fish and meat. In raw form, these products can contain harmful parasites and bacteria for cats.


In the diet to include only meat or fish. Cats also need carbohydrates, so exclude them in any case impossible. Otherwise, the cats will be observed excessive aggressiveness and health problems.


Giving milk together with other products. This disrupts digestion cats hinders metabolism.


Feed your cat only dry food. This makes it difficult digestion, and poor nutrition does not provide the body a cat the right amount of vitamins and minerals.


Giving bone. A cat can choke or hurt passing through the digestive tract, acute bone scratch it.

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