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What are the hybrids of lions and tigers called?


The inhabitant of the Novosibirsk zoo is Zita-Gita ligress</a>

Ligers are not a miracle of nature, but a result of a fairly close, in the literal sense of the word, relationship between lions and tigresses.

These are beautiful, but unfortunate animals, because their "exotic" genetics is a time bomb.

Why ligers are called exotic cats

The ligris is a hybrid of a lion and a tigress. This animal is the largest cat in the world, as it reaches a height of three meters. However, such "nuggets" appear in the wild not often, because the habitats of lions and tigers vary. That's why such hybrids are exotic pure water! They appear relatively infrequently and for the reason that between these representatives of different species of the feline family, a "love attraction" rarely arises in nature, if at all.

At the moment there are no more than two dozen liggers in the world.

Ligers, for the most part, appear in thoseZoos, where often and cubs, and lions are in the same aviary. Little ligates are charming and rare creatures that quickly turn into real favorites of the public!

And neither the tiger nor the lion

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The outward appearance of the ligra is not so unambiguous. This hybrid takes in the features of both mother and father. The liger looks like a giant-sized lion with blurred tiger stripes on its sides and back. Male ligers, with rare exceptions, almost no mane, but unlike lions they are able and very fond of swimming.
The length of the ligrees reaches four to five or moreMeters. At the same time, their weight sometimes reaches three hundred kilograms, which is a third more than for large lions. The largest living liger is Hercules. Its weight is four hundred pounds! In the Guinness Book of Records, there is a record of a liger weighing almost eight hundred kilograms. He lived in the 70s of the last century in one of the parks of South Africa.
Ligridians can give offspring, whichUnusual for hybrids. Male ligers are barren. "Fathers" can be either a full-fledged lion, or an adult lion and ligris cub. It is worth noting that the life span of tiger-lion hybrids is not great.

Ligers and society

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A mixture of tigresses and lions causes ambiguous andEven a negative reaction from the public and animal advocates. According to the footage shot by the American company Animal Media, small ligates are genetically mutilated wild cats. They are prone to oncological diseases, neurological disorders, arthritis.

The very first liger in Russia was the Novosibirsk hybrid of an African lion and a Bengal tigress named Zita-Gita. The color of its wool is lion's, and its muzzle and tail are tiger.

A little bit about tigons

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Tigons (or tigrolls) are a cross between a tiger andThe lionesses. In nature, such "nuggets" simply do not happen. All this is the result of artificial intelligence of wild cats. Appearance of the tigone, of course, brings it together with the ligur. This hybrid also combines the signs of both mother and father. For example, in the tigons there are spots on the skin, like the mother lioness, and on the sides and legs - strips, like a tiger's father. It should be noted that the potential scruff of the tigon a priori will always be slightly shorter than the real mane of the lion. In addition, such a hybrid is much inferior in size and tigers, and lions, and its weight does not exceed 150 kg.

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