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AS hybrids called lions and tigers

Inhabitant of the Novosibirsk zoo - ligritsa Zita Gita

Ligers - it's not a wonder of nature, and the result is quite close, in the literal sense of the word, the relationship between lions and a tigress.

It is interesting, but the poor animals, because of their "exotic" genetics - a ticking time bomb.

Why Leagrove called exotic cats

Liger is a hybrid of a lion and a tigress. This animal is the largest cat in the world because reaches a height of three meters. However, these "nuggets" appear in the wild is not often, because the habitats of lions and tigers are different. That is why these hybrids - exotic pure water! They occur relatively infrequently and for the reason that between the members of different species of the cat family is quite rare in nature, there is "a love attraction", if at all there.

At this point in the world which no more than two dozen Leagrove.

Ligers, for the most part, appear in thezoos, which often cubs, and cubs are in one enclosure. Small ligryata - charming and rare creatures that quickly turn into real favorites of the audience!

And not a tiger or a lion

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Appearance Leagrove not as straightforward. This hybrid incorporates features of both mother and father. Liger looks like a giant-sized lion with blurred tiger stripes on the sides and back. Males Leagrove, with rare exceptions, there is practically no mane, but unlike lions, and they know how to love to swim.
Leagrove length reaches four or five or moremeters. However, their weight sometimes comes to three hundred kilograms, which is one third higher than that of large lions. The largest is now living liger Hercules. It weighs four kilos! The Guinness Book of Records is the record of the liger weighing nearly eight kilograms. He lived in the 70-ies of the last century, in one of the parks in South Africa.
Ligritsy can produce offspring, which is veryUnusually for hybrids. Ligers are sterile males. "Fathers" may be full or a lion or a lion cub and matured ligritsy. It should be noted that the life expectancy of tiger-lion hybrid is not great.

Ligers and society

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A cross between a lion and a tigress is ambiguous andeven a negative reaction from the public and animal advocates. According to video footage filmed by the American company Animal Media, small ligryata are genetically crippled wild cats. They are prone to diseases of oncological nature, neurological disorders, arthritis.

The very first liger Novosibirsk in Russia has become a hybrid of the African lion and Bengal tiger named Zita Gita. The color of its fur - lion, as snout and tail - tiger.

A little about tigonah

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Tigony (or tigrolvy) - a cross between a tiger andlioness. The nature of these "nuggets" just does not happen. All this - the result of artificial information feral cats. Appearance tigona certainly makes him a liger. This hybrid also combines features of both mother and father. For example, a tigonov on the skin patches are like a mother lion, and on the sides and legs - strip, like a tiger-father. It should be noted that the potential at the back of the neck tigona priori will always be a little shorter this lion's mane. In addition, such a hybrid is significantly inferior in size and tigers, and lions, and its weight does not exceed 150 kg.

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