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How to turn on the webcam on a laptop

Webcam on a laptop is a useful addition</a>

The unfamiliar with computer technology users are often interested in how to turn on the webcam on a laptop.

If the laptop has not been properly configured during purchase, the built-in camera may refuse to work in different situations.



Read the instructions for your portableDevice to learn how to turn on the camera on a laptop. First of all, find out the model of the computer, its name and technical characteristics, including the parameters and capabilities of the webcam. If the documentation does not specify the model name of the laptop, pay attention to its reverse side, where usually there is a corresponding label.


Right click on the icon "MyComputer "and select" Device Manager ". Note the opposite of what components the yellow question mark stands for, meaning that there are no preinstalled drivers in the system-special services that provide computer recognition of the devices and their efficient operation. Click on them and select the "Install driver" function. If a bootable disk is included with the laptop, insert it into the drive and specify the option "Automatic driver search". The computer will automatically search for services and install them from the supplied disk. In the absence of media, select the option to search for drivers on the Internet.


Find the driver for your laptop webcam inInternet independently. Try to find a laptop manufacturer's website or suitable drivers for the device name. Currently, they are often available for download as an installation file that automatically downloads and installs the required services. If you do not achieve the desired result, use the free DriverScanner, available for downloading on the Internet. After installation, the program will automatically search for missing drivers and install them in order.


View the list of recently installed programsIn the "Start" menu and find among them an application that allows you to turn on the webcam on your laptop. Start it and see if the camera image has appeared on the screen. If so, try using the camera in various applications, for example, Skype, by making a video call. Make sure the peephole of the webcam above the laptop screen is clean and does not contain a protective sticker, as this often becomes the main reason for the lack of an image.

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