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AS in windows 7 view photos

As in windows 7 view photos

View photos in the Windows 7 operating system is carried out with the help of built-in image viewer.

If desired, the user can independentlyto establish any alternative program that will expand the possibilities of working with pictures and will allow for more effective management of the available photo albums.

Windows Photo Viewer

The program for viewing images in Windows 7installed with the system and does not require additional configuration. To start viewing the image, you can simply double-click the left mouse button on the icon picture. applications and will show the correct picture window will open before you.

In the window there are the basic tools that allow you to control the settings and define the basic parameters for the image.

you may want to increase or decrease thephoto size using the mouse wheel or the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left of the screen. Click to increase the icon and select the left mouse button on the area you want to zoom in. To minimize, click on the arrow next to the magnifying glass icon and select "Down", and then in the same way to select the left mouse button on the desired area.
To go to the next picture in the folderimages, click on the arrow to the right. To view the previous picture you must click on the left arrow. The center button allows you to start playing a slideshow from the available catalog images on the entire screen. Print pictures Use the "Print" button at the top of the program window. If you want to delete the image, use the button in the form of a cross in the bottom right of the program window. Confirm the delete operation by pressing the "Yes" button in the dialog box.

Opening through alternative programs

You can view the Windows 7 photosthrough alternative application for viewing photos. Their advantage is the possibility of a wider range of tools for viewing and editing. Among the most feature-rich software include Picasa, ACDSee, FastStone Image Viewer, XnView, IrfanView.

Programs are able to scan a file system for photos and then sort them into categories, apply filters, adjust the color and create a small slideshow.

Explore the proposed programs and download them oncomputer, visit the official site of the developer. Run the resulting file to install. Complete the installation by following the instructions in the application. Once completed, click on the right mouse button on the photo you want to view, and then click "Open With." In the list, select the program that you have installed, and then click "OK". You are now ready to view and edit images.

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