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AS in Minecraft to make eye edge

Minecraft How to make eye edge

Eye of edges - special magic item in Minecraft world.

It is necessary to indicate the way to the fortress and the portals leading to the heavenly dimension, which is called the corner.

Eye of the edges created from the edges of pearls and fire powder. These items are not easy to obtain.

Traveler Edge

Pearls can be obtained by killing the stranger edges. This neutral creature has the ability to teleport. Traveler edges - high, black creature with bright violet eyes. Usually he aimlessly wanders the countryside, shifting from place to place blocks. The first attack, he will not start, unless you hover the crosshair on it "sight" in the dark. In this case, he teleports behind you and hit hard, then he will continue to attack, periodically randomly teleporting. From it can be saved in any body of water: because the water inflicts damage stranger tries to stay away from her. Hunt strangers edges should be good with the sword (even an iron) and armor, as each his shot takes a lot of health. After the death of the creature, you have a chance to get a pearl edges. If you throw pearls right mouse button, you will be teleported to the place of his fall. However, at the same time you lose five health units.

Hunting Ifrit

Fire powder can be obtained only in the Lowerworld. This unfriendly space, flooded with lava and filled with nasty monsters. To go there, you need to build a portal of obsidian and a good arm.

If you throw an eye edges, right-click, it will fly towards the nearest land fortress for three seconds. Thereafter, 80% of it can be selected and run again.

Fire powder can be extracted from the firerods falling from efreet. This aggressive monsters that are thrown bursts of fireballs. They live in the neighborhood of Hell fortress. These natural patterns arranged strips from north to south, so that after falling into the lower world minecraft need to go in that direction.

The land fortresses are portals leading to the Edge. To activate them, you need to install in empty cells missing edges of the eyes.

Efreet usually appear in groups, to combatthem well suited onions. Please note that the journey through the Underworld - a very dubious pleasure, mainly due to the lava lakes. Bring enchanted apple to drop the case in a fiery liquid. It is best to take with you ten blocks of obsidian and flint to create a new portal in the fortress itself. This will avoid a return trip.
Near-Ifrit after he releasefor you to turn out three fireballs. From efreet after the death of a chance to fall fiery rods. One can make two rod powder.
To create an eye edges, put the powder on fire gem in the crafting window (an item). It should be noted that fire sticks and powder are used in potions.

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