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How to Minecraft Make an Eye Edge


How to Minecraft Make an Eye Edge</a>

The Eye of the Edge is a special magical item in the world of Minecraft.

It is necessary to indicate the way to fortresses and portals leading to the heavenly dimension, which is called the Edge.

The Eye of Edge is created from the pearls of the Edge and the fiery powder. These items are not easy to obtain.

Wanderer Edge

Pearls can be obtained by killing a wanderer of the Edge. This is a neutral creature with the ability to teleport. The Wanderer of the Edge is a tall, black creature with bright violet eyes. Usually he wanders aimlessly around the area, shifting blocks from place to place. The first to attack, he will not start, unless you point him at the crosshairs of the "sight" in the dark. In this case, he teleports you behind his back and hits hard, then he continues to attack, periodically chaotically teleporting. From it you can be saved in any pond: because water damages him, the wanderer tries to stay away from it. Hunting wanderers Edges are needed with a good sword (at least iron) and in armor, since every blow of it takes a lot of health. After the death of this creature, you are likely to get the pearls of the Edge. If you throw the pearl with the right mouse button, then you teleport to the place where it falls. True, while you lose five units of health.

Hunting for an Efreet

Fire powder can be obtained only in the LowerWorld. This is an unfriendly space, lava filled and filled with unpleasant monsters. To go there, you need to build a portal from obsidian and properly arm yourself.

If you throw the eye of the Edge with the right mouse button, it will fly towards the nearest ground fortress for three seconds. After that, in 80% of cases it can be picked up and run again.

Fire powder can be obtained from fireRods falling from the Efreet. These are aggressive monsters that are thrown by bursts of fireballs. They dwell in the environs of infernal fortresses. These natural structures are located in stripes from north to south, so after entering the lower world of minecraft, you need to go exactly in this direction.

In the land fortresses there are portals leading to the Krai. To activate them, you need to install in the empty cells the missing eyes of the Edge.

Eftrits usually appear in groups, to combatThey are well suited bow. Please note that traveling to the Lower World is a very dubious pleasure, mainly because of lava lakes. Take with you an enchanted apple in case of falling into a fiery liquid. It is best to take ten blocks of obsidian and flint with you to create a new portal already in the fortress itself. This will avoid a return trip.
Get close to the eft after he releasesFor you a line of three fireballs. From the Efreet after the death with some probability fall fire rods. Two powders can be made from one rod.
To create the eye of the Edge, place a fiery powder over the pearl in the crafting window (creating objects). It should be noted that fire rods and powder are used in potions.

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