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AS goes Transportation in Moscow

How goes Transportation in Moscow

Moscow is infested road. Buses, trolleys and taxis have become an integral part of the lives of citizens who do not speak their own cars.

Therefore it is very important to know how the Moscow transport and that it can offer its users.

Public transport

Most residents use publictransport - in Moscow is a huge network of trolleybuses, buses, taxis and trams, which daily carry about 12 million passengers. At the disposal of rolling stock are Mosgortrans 1500 trolleybuses, 920 trams and 5700 buses. About ? of them are located on the route every day, serving passenger traffic of 4.2 billion people every year. On the territory of Moscow is 8 trolley parks, bus 19 and tram 5.
Thanks to public transport, the environment load on Moscow by private cars is significantly reduced.
It is very important for the capital hasMoscow Metro, which has a highly developed network of circumferential and radial lines operating at the limits of their powers stipulated by the project. In addition, in Moscow there are experimental high-speed bus routes and night transport circulation. The city authorities in the future plan to increase the number of data paths. Also in the capital runs the monorail, electric, chairlift and taxis.

The work of the Moscow transport

To learn more about the work of the Moscowpublic transport, you can go to a website with an online guide, "How and kuda.ru". Remember all routes and following hours is quite difficult, so this service is an ideal solution that will help you choose the shortest route - just type the name that you require stops. Also, a detailed schedule of the capital's transport is possible to learn when Mosgortrans that instantly selects routes and buses following hours, trams and trolleybuses.
In the suburbs of Moscow to get to your destination you can use the river boats, trains and buses.
It works in the capital, and high-speed transport,represented by one of the world's largest subway systems (including monorail and rail transport). The Moscow Metro is the main view of the capital's underground transport, daily transporting about 6.6 million passengers. It consists of 12 branches, total length of 313.1 kilometers and 188 stations. As the flow of passengers Moscow subway is second only to the Tokyo subway. It employs over 4.7 thousand cars that cater to employees 15 service depots.

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