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AS germinated seeds using hydrogen peroxide

As seeds germinated using hydrogen peroxide

Opening a bag of seeds, you always want to hope for the best: all the seeds germinate, sprout and all the plants will be well developed.

To increase the germination of seeds and grow them from spreading the plants is possible with a simple and cheap method.

You will need

  • Hydrogen peroxide, seeds, water.



It is necessary to soak seeds in a solution prepared by hydrogen peroxide of various concentrations prepared in distilled water. Ambient temperature should be 26 ° C.


Then the germinated seeds should be rinsed with distilled water and allow to rise at the same temperature and planted in open ground.


Seeds treated with hydrogen peroxide,germinate in the day or two before. Number of germinated seeds is 1.5-3 times higher than without treatment. After Bedding plants grow increasingly more developed root system, high stalk, fleshy leaves.


soaking time for various different seeds, an average of 6-9 hours.


The concentration of the solution, and finding the timesolution depends on the thickness of the seed coat. The thicker the shell, the higher the concentration and the longer the need to lie the seeds in the solution. For example melon enough solution to 1 liter of water and a peroxide 0.002 to soak for 6 hours, and beans per 1 liter of water for 2 d and peroxide soaked for 9 hours.

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