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How to germinate seeds with hydrogen peroxide


How to germinate seeds with hydrogen peroxide</a>

Having opened a bag of seeds, I always want to hope for the best: all the seeds will germinate, all plants will ascend and will develop well.

Increase the germination of seeds and grow out of them sprawling plants is possible with a simple and cheap method.

You will need

  • Hydrogen peroxide, seeds, water.



It is necessary to soak the prepared seeds in a solution of hydrogen peroxide of different concentration, prepared on distilled water. The ambient temperature should be 26 ° C.


Then sprouted seeds must be rinsed with distilled water, allowed to ascend at the same temperature and planted in open ground.


Seeds treated with hydrogen peroxide,Sprout for a day or two before. The number of sprouted seeds is 1.5-3 times greater than without treatment. After landing in the ground, plants with a more developed root system, a high stem, fleshy leaves grow more often.


Soaking time for different seeds is different, an average of 6-9 hours.


The concentration of the solution and the time inThe solution depends on the thickness of the seed coat. The thicker the shell, the higher the concentration and the longer it takes to lay the seeds in the solution. For example melon enough solution for 1 liter of water 0.002 peroxide and soak for 6 hours, and for beans per 1 liter of water is 2 g peroxide and soak for 9 hours.

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