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How on wifi to connect computers


How on wifi to connect computers</a>

More recently, the number of devices connected to the network has been limited by the number of ports in the modem or the switch. However, the issue was solved with the advent of Wi-Fi wireless access.

Now you can easily connect two computers, so that one of them has access to the Internet through the second.



Check the operation of Wi-Fi on all PCs, the presence of drivers on them. Open "Network Management Center" ("Start" - "Control Panel" - "Network and Sharing Center").


In the upper left corner of the window, select "Manage wireless networks". Click "Next". In the window that opens, enter the network name (design it yourself, for example home or 321).


Security type set WEP and enter the keySecurity (key select according to the standard rules - it should not be too simple, but for you it should be easy to remember). Check the box next to "Save this network settings" and click "Next". Close the window.


Set up Wi-Fi on the second PC. In the lower right corner of the second computer screen, open the connection icon. The "Wireless network connection home" should appear in the list of opened connections. Click "Connect". The computer will ask for the security key (remember the one invented earlier), enter it and click "OK". Connecting computers through the wireless network is completed.


To set up Internet access, go back toThe first PC. Open the Network and Sharing Center and see all existing connections (including the newly configured connection to PC # 2). Click "Change advanced sharing settings". Include all items. Save the changes.


Go to the "Local Area Connection" properties. In the access window, remove all the checkmarks (where available), click "OK" and close the window. Similarly, you need to do with the "Wireless network connection (home)".


Go to the "High-speedClick on access. Check "Allow other network users to use the Internet connection of this computer". Select "Wireless Network Connection", remove all the checkmarks, click "OK". Close the window. Restart the High Speed ​​Connection.


On PC # 2, connect to a wireless networkTo the home connection, enter the security key and click OK. As a result, you will have two computers connected via Wi-Fi and having access to the Internet. Similarly, you can connect a netbook or mobile phone.

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