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As for the signs to predict the weather

As for the signs to predict the weather

Weather prediction - it is difficult even forprofessional meteorologists, at whose service the exact equipment and satellite data. However, our ancestors coped with forecasting changes in weather without the hydrometer and geostationary satellites.

Some signs have not lost relevance so far.



Folk omens can be divided into two broadgroup. First get the physical and biological phenomena, explainable associated with the change of weather, for example, the appearance of frost on the trees in winter shows shortly warming. The second group will include those that are based only on years of observations of the ancestors: September thunder, for example, is considered a harbinger of a warm autumn. Naturally, meteorologists skeptical about the second group will, at the same time not underestimating the importance of observations from the first group. Folk omens are both short - promising the imminent storm, freezing or warming, and long-term, which make a forecast for the period of a year or even the season.


On the preservation of the good weather we can confidentlysay, if during the day there is almost no wind and a slight strengthening of the day and the constant change of direction. If the sky is clear in the morning, the afternoon cumulus clouds appear, disappear in the evening. Dew formed on the grass after sunset, too, suggests that the good weather will not change. These same signs are rising vertical column of smoke, high flying birds chirping crickets.


Understand what the weather will deteriorate, it is possible forremaining until the night of cumulus clouds, red sunset, the absence of dew and the night mist. In addition, the imminent deterioration of the weather says a small difference of day and night temperatures, the wind did not abate in the night, creeping low smoke from the fire or pipes.


Coming rain can be predicted by a pclouds, a lot of clouds in the west, strengthening winds in the evening. If the sun in the morning and at sunset is painted in purple color, it also speaks about the imminent onset of the rainy weather. the air is also virtually guarantees the approaching rain Tepleyuschy night.


The fact that the rain will soon be over, can be found atwind flagging, disintegrating cloud cover, and, oddly enough, thanks to a cooling shower after a few hours, which means the passage of the cold front and the weather soon improved.

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