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AS the index to find out the address of mail

Where is the post office you sought, it is easy to tell postcode

You need to get information in the mail, but you do not know where she is? According to the index, you can find the address of your desired communication department.

The easiest way to do this is by using the internet.

You will need

  • - access to the Internet.



Open the website of the Russian Post. On the main page you will see the top of the section "Service and services." Go to it.


On the left are specified sections of this page. "Services" Pass. Below them on the orange substrate you will see the "Services". And the first sub-section - "Search for post offices." Click on this button.


Here you need a "search index". Click this button and type in the search box code: 361045, for example. Click on the button to the right "Find."


And in the new window opens the right information, "Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Cool, Lenina Ulitsa, 100.." A service also identifies the phone numbers of the liaison office.

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