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HOW Pen understand that you like

As for the correspondence to understand that you like

Soon appeared in Russia, the Internet has become a great place for singles.

But in the virtual world of human emotions can not be seen, while the girl can understand that she likes the guy, and he feels for her liking?



You can determine whether the experiences of youngPeople you some feelings after watching the way he leads his correspondence. Under no circumstances should not be guided by how much and what kind of smiles he uses in conversation. If he frequently sends other people's poems or quotes, can hardly be said that he feels something serious towards you. Be sure to read your correspondence in the last 6-7 days and pay attention to the words of a Man and his actions.


It seems that men when dealing with them popular withgirls often say compliments, but this is far from the truth. Try to compare the style of his dialogue, which he demonstrated immediately after your acquaintance with the way he speaks today. If you see that in a conversation with you, he is trying to behave correctly - this is a good sign. But indifferent to the phrase "solve itself" style, "as you want" and "I do not care" - they say that you guys are, alas, not too interesting.


If he often compares you with your friends,and this comparison - in your favor, his intentions are very serious. During the correspondence, he could casually carry out this comparison, for example, to talk about a friend who got into a difficult situation, and then utter the phrase in the style of "that's what you would have done quite differently," or "I'm sure you would cope with this problem better it. " That is how a guy like you says, "I want you to be with me." He can go ahead, saying he missed hearing from you. There is another positive sign - the arguments about the imperfection of the current girls who are accompanied by assertions that you are completely different from them.


If you are for the guy - really valuableinterlocutor, he will offer you friendship across multiple social networks and exchange more information. Learning that you love to cook, it sends you a most unusual recipes? Well, it means that you are - on the same wavelength, and your relationship has a future. Try to look at the interesting correspondence and self-sufficient person, and if your knowledge, tastes and views will be interesting to talk to, he takes the first step, which you so crave.

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