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AS in appearance to talk about the person

As for the appearance of the person to tell

The first impression about the man folded in his appearance.

Subsequently opinion about it either confirms or changes, and sometimes in the opposite direction.

But looks can be learned and what is hidden from the view of the majority.



To determine a person's character, start with its shapeface. Chubby people are usually cheerful, sociable, adaptable to any environment. They perfectly overcome financial difficulties and problems in his personal life. Owners of individual square shape resolute, steadfast, strong spirit. Often become leaders or lawyers because of a heightened sense of justice. Many working person can be identified by thin one person, and sensible and quiet - on the oval.


Convex, wide and high forehead indicateshigh social status of its owner, which he holds or is required to take in the future. Wrinkles on the forehead indicate that a person is changeable in mood, unhappy or angry. The straight lines on the forehead - a sign of simplicity, nature and love of justice. Highly set ears talk about ambition and the mind of the owner. Pressed - the authority in society. Fleshy promise a man wealth and status. Pointed ears give the person who is in the power of instincts.


Pay attention to your eyes. Big eyes speak of the general soul, artistry and irrational use of money. Little - be careful. Thin lips indicate the will and determination, composure and determination, often cruel. Full lips - kindness, honesty, loyalty, positive and optimistic view of things.


Look at her hair. Romantic girls prefer promiscuity, lying loose hair. Straight and short point to the strong-willed and independent woman with the development of logical thinking. Sexy, daring, risky girls often have long, flowing hair. Neat hairstyle speaks of confidence and the development of self-esteem of their owner. Girls with curly locks - flirty, with exquisite taste who love to flirt. Butch describes practical women developed willpower.


Men with long hair, a beard, mustache orwhiskers can be insecure, moody, a bit infantile. Short hairstyle points to business and leadership skills of its owner. Fans of medium length hairstyles are hilarious, romantic and creative, they have a smooth and gentle nature. Shaving "by zero" - extremals, pragmatics, adventurers.

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