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How to understand by his gesture that he likes you


How to understand by his gesture that he likes you</a>

Love is an amazing feeling, it inspires and gives a lot of positive emotions.

But I want so much that the young man who liked you would reciprocate.

You can observe his behavior to see if there is any reason to hope for his response.



Try to temporarily abstract yourself from emotions. A girl in love may not be too objective. In one day, it may seem to you that the smile with which the guy passed you testifies to his feelings, in another - that you are not worthy of it, and all the touches and sights do not mean anything. But in order to understand by the gestures the mental state of the object of your feelings, you must have a sober mind.


Notice how the man behaves whenYou enter the room. The interested young man will start to smarten up - to smooth or, on the contrary, to loat hair, to smooth folds on a shirt, to shake off nonexistent dust particles from trousers. His posture will also change: he will straighten, spread his shoulders and draw his belly in order to appear more attractive.


His excitement at the sight of you can give convulsiveHand movements. The guy can twist the ring or watch, pull the button, snap the handle, fasten and unbutton the organizer. Most likely, this means that you awaken in him a storm of emotions, with which it is not easy to cope with.


If you are talking with someone interested in youThe subject alone or with a pair of friends, take a look at the position of his legs. A man in love unconsciously will push one leg forward, as if pointing it at you. The position of the young man can also say a lot. If he keeps both hands on his waist, this indicates that the guy is trying to show you his excellent physical training (even if it is not quite that).


Consider the face of a man who does notIs indifferent. If his emotions are similar to yours, his eyebrows will be slightly raised, as if he is surprised by something, his lips are slightly opened, and his nostrils are dilated, as if a guy sniffs something. They will give the lover and pupils - at the sight of the object of their feelings they increase.

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