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Charleston, boogie-woogie, foxtrot and a dozen types of swing dancing became popular after the movie "Dandies". Half a century ago, fashionable boys and girls danced easily any of them.

To now try himself in the image of dudes, you should learn at least the most simple movements.



Swing dances, as well as this very musicaldirection, has its origins in the culture of black Americans. Hence their important principles: looseness, enthusiasm, clear rhythm and plasticity. Under jazz melodies loved dancing dudes in the Soviet post-war years. Bold and provocative dancing is well suited to their style of dress and behave - bright and unlike others.


One of the most illustrative dance mods -Charleston. Before it was forbidden even in the West, due to violations of the pale, today Charleston is included in the training program of ballroom dancing, and for this sport discipline competition.


Charleston advantage is that it can bedancing couple, alone or a whole group of people. Experienced dancers use to 74 movements, beginners can start with a smaller amount. The main thing in it - improvisation and driving pleasure.


Charleston dance in 4/4. One of the most simple movements, even available for children. Starting position - feet firmly kept, body tilted slightly forward, hands clasped in castle (palms down), arms straight. On account of "time" is performed at the same time a semicircular movement of the left heel to side, and the right leg bent at the knee, and is given a little back and to the side. At the expense of "two" - a starting position on the "three" and "four" to repeat the same, changing legs.


A little more difficult, but more fun and closer to the realHipsters pair dance boogie. In order to fulfill one of the figures boogie, partners need to stand face to face at a short distance. Partner takes his left hand and the right hand of your partner does the right foot a small step back. When the foot would be left behind, to the right carry the body weight. Then the left foot put to the right and make it poluoporu. Then the weight is transferred to the left leg and the right do poluoporu. The partner repeats all movements in a mirror image.


Boogie became the progenitor of rock 'n' roll, so that the dance instead you can even rock 'n' Roll na.

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