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How to "cure" a parquet?


How to "cure" a parquet?</a>

Parquet is not only a very comfortable floor covering, but beautiful.

But in time, parquet can lose its original appearance.

To parse a parquet is not such a complicated procedure as it might seem at first glance.



First of all, the parquet must be cleaned, then proceed directly to cycling.


The fallen, but undeformed slats are necessaryGently remove, remove residues of bitumen, clean the nest and install them back on hot bitumen mastic. Mastic very quickly hardens, thanks to this, the straps instantly fix and stick to the right place.


If the parquet is located on the first or basementFloor of the house, it can swell from moisture. It is necessary to disassemble the damaged area, clean it and dry it well. Seal the slits with a special cement mortar, which is mixed with silicate glue, and clean the base. Apply a carefully hot bitumen mastic and place the strips in the same way as they were lying.


If there are crevices in the parquet, they can be sealed in the following way. It is necessary to sift small wood sawdust and mix them with oil varnish. The resulting mixture is densely packed in the cracks.


Before you can cycle the parquet, you needWash well the area that needs to be treated. The cyst should be carried on with a little pressure, along the fibers of the riveting. Sweep away the chips immediately removed.


If the parquet is wet, it can remain villi, so the cycle should be repeated on a dry parquet. After the cycle, the floor must be treated with sandpaper.


It remains only to cover the parquet with varnish. It is better to apply it with a foam rubber roller or a rubber sponge.


After a day on the floor you can walk, and if you want - run, because it is completely ready. Wipe it with cool water with a small amount of glycerin, and it will serve you for many years to come.

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