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How to "cure" parquet?

Parquet - is not only a very comfortable floor but beautiful.

But over time parquet can lose their original appearance.

Ottsiklevat parquet - not such a complicated procedure, as it may seem at first glance.



First of all flooring should be cleaned, and then proceed directly to sanding.


The precipitated, but undeformed strips must beto get gently, I remove the remnants of bitumen, clean the socket and set them back to a hot bitumen mastic. The mastic hardens very quickly, because of this strap will snap instantly and stick to the right place.


If the flooring is situated on the ground floor or basementfloor of the house, it can swell from moisture. It is necessary to dismantle the damaged area, clean it and dry it well. Seal cracks special cement mortar, which is mixed with the silicate glue and clean the bottom. Apply gently hot bitumen mastic and place the strips in the same way they were.


If the floor formed slit can be repaired as follows. It is necessary to sift the fine sawdust and mix them with oil varnish. The resulting mixture was put firmly in the slot.


Before performing scraping the parquet, it is necessaryWash well the site to be treated. Cycles necessary to conduct itself with slight pressure along the fiber staves. Baste once removed chips.


If parquet wet, it may remain villi, so scraping is necessary to repeat the dry parquet. After sanding is necessary to treat the skin on the floor.


It remains only to cover the parquet varnish. It is better to apply a foam roller or rubber sponge.


After a day on the floor can be walked on, but if you want - to run, since it is completely ready. Wipe it with cool water with a small amount of glycerin, and it will serve you for years to come.

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