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HOW cross stitching on the cushions

As cross stitching on the cushions

Embroidered pillows called dumochki. They are nice to lie down with a cup of tea and slowly reflect on life.

These pillows give joy not only of its kind, but also those that carry warm hands and kind thoughts needle women, their produce.



Choose a motif embroidery. It can be found on the Internet or buy a ready-made kit, which includes a canvas, threads, scheme and needle. If you want to do everything yourself, pick up thread floss needed shades, buy otrez canvas.


Treat the canvas edge. To embroider the pictures can be used PVA glue, in the case of a pillow is best neat neaten slice the canvas by hand or on a sewing machine zigzag stitch. Select the canvas with a large weave, not less than 14 Aida.


Step back from the edge of the canvas enough ofcrosses, for example, each side 10, and begin operation. If the material is starched, you can embroider without special tools, if not, use a hoop, they will not allow the canvas to deform. Embroider floss thread in 4-6 additions. Remember that when working on the cushions, drawing should be dense. Make sure to cover each cross stitch was made strictly in one direction, so the image will be smooth, smooth.


Embroidered work wash in warm soapy water and dry in a spread out on a towel. Progladte.


Choose a fabric for pillow cushion. It must be sufficiently dense and not transparent. Make a pattern in the form of a square (rectangle) of the same size as the finished embroidery. Sew three sides of the pillow, make sure that the line is held strictly on border pattern on embroidery. The fourth side neatly Sew the zipper. If after an embroidered pattern translucent fabric cushions, make the lining of light cotton material. Put the pillowcase on the pillow.


It is possible to sew the embroidery each side segmentsfabric width of three centimeters or more. The rear of the pillow to carve out given the increased size of the front side. On the side seam Sew a decorative cord at the corners sew brush. They can be bought in shops for handy people.

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