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AS Cross-country skiing

Classic course

Cross-country skiing - a general name for all ski designed for running. They can be made of wood or plastic, designed for the classic course for skating stroke or combined.

They vary in length and stiffness, and on the geometry of the sliding surface.



For starters, take the ski rental. Rental services allow you to try out different models of cross-country skiing before going to the store to buy their own. Modern skiing choose under its weight: the heavier you are, the harder and longer than they should be. For beginners are advised to select a ski equal to their growth. In such easier to learn classical and ridge running track. Sticks should be shoulder. Shoes - by size, excluding poddevaniya warm socks.

Ridge course


Ride, go to the nearest park or stadium. However, riding on the ski bases brings a lot more fun. Skiing on them lay in advance, snow ukatyvayut special machines. Hummocks and bushes do not interfere, sticks do not fall into the snow, the track is not littered.


To learn classical skiing mindget up to ski so that the skis were parallel to each other. Sticks push off and start to slide, further pushing off with one foot. Then continue to roll, alternately pushing down. Do not forget about the stick: together with the right ski brought forward the left stick to the left - right. At each step, carry the body weight from one leg to the other, the body slightly tilted forward.


In order to start moving the ridge way,remember the movements of the legs when skating. Skiing in turn put the Christmas tree, drawing the letter V. repelled from the inner side of the snow skiing, transferring weight on the sliding ski. Then repeat the same movement with the other leg. Learn ridge course start without sticks, gradually increasing the angle of abduction skis aside. Having mastered the skill, connect repulsion sticks in rhythm, agreed with the footwork.


Having mastered both styles, determine for yourself which of thethem closer to you. To buy classical style designed for classic skiing it notched a length of 20-25 cm above your height. For the purchase of skating special "ridge" skiing: they are shorter usual 15-20 cm, have shifted the center of gravity forward and higher stiffness. For lovers of both skiing styles sold universal cross-country skiing with the average characteristics.

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