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As containing "ladies' dogs

How to keep the ladies' dogs

Small dogs "dwarf" species have recently become extremely popular. They have become a fashion accessory for glamorous ladies.

But, getting a dog, you must remember that this is not a toy, but it is a real dog - the defender and a faithful, loving friend.



Keep pet dogs should be the same asrepresentatives of the larger breeds. Toko keep in mind that they are more vulnerable because of their size. Before the puppy will be in the house, get everything you need for it. The coverings as a place to relax a dog is better not to use - you will need a special "nest" - a basket, height adjustable stand with bowls for food and water.

How to keep the pygmy marmoset


Be sure to check with the recommendationsdog handlers for puppy rearing. Do not treat it as a fun toy and ask him the skills that need to be an adult dog. Do not teach him to lie on beds and couches, begging under the table and barking for no reason. Do not make it fun for the kids who just can inadvertently injure the baby.

choose what breed Chinese crested or York


Teach your puppy all the necessary commands. This is required not to demonstrate the wonders of the training, and to ensure its security. Unpleasant surprises lurk small dog indoors as well as outdoors. "To me", "impossible", "Fu" and other restrictive commands will help your pet does not get hit by a car or under the feet of pedestrians, stop in a dangerous place.


Provide your puppy, and then an adult dog,proper nutrition. Pick up dry food in accordance with razmeramipitomtsa. If the dog will eat natural food, keep the food was balanced and it was all the nutrients and vitamins required for proper formation of the skeleton and the development of the dog. Feed your dog on schedule, remove the fact that it is not eaten, so that the intervals between feedings bowl for food has always been empty. Do not forget to change the water, it should always be poured.


On a walk a dog leash to deduce. In the mud and slush can walk with it, taking in his hands. Purchase a special bag or backpack for long walks or trips. You can pamper your pet in different outfits the most fashionable styles, which in a large assortment sold in specialty stores.

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