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As cats do not manage to break, falling from a great height

As cats do not manage to break, falling from a great height

Falling from a low altitude cats can get a lot more damage than the fall from the window of the fifth floor or higher.

Why is this happening?

Cats absolutely not afraid of heights - they are masters climb and jump, and in the event of a fall always land on their feet, which often helps them to do without the bruises and injuries.

There are many examples where a fall froma height of over five floors consequences for the cats were painful, but not dangerous, but the short flight often end sadly. To understand the reason for this, carried out special investigations, feline fly filmed on tape and carefully worked through each movement.

In order to protect themselves during the fall catIt is doing a series of movements to reduce the speed. To mitigate the impact on landing she tries to bend the back, instead of having involved damper legs and elastic chest. Landing on the legs helps to avoid severe damage. But if the cat jumped from a low altitude, these manipulations of time may not be enough.

Investigations lead to the cat fallsthe following conclusions: the most severe injuries cats mostly obtained when the fall from a low altitude. The value for a favorable outcome, and have air flow, and landing site, and whether the cat was able to soften the blow, landing on their feet.

By the way, if fallen from the height of the cat did not getserious damage, it is absolutely does not mean that more is not going to drop it. Therefore, you should not relax and leave the windows open in the hope that the cat will not climb them. As for the so-called fear of heights, in cats it is simply absent.

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