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HOW to take the E7 chord on the guitar

How to take the E7 chord on the guitar

At all times there were people who want to learnplay on any musical instrument independently. This method of learning is much more difficult as a beginning musician has to learn everything yourself and not wait for support from anyone.

But what about the guitar for beginners?

How to learn and remember the location of all the popular chord?

All musicians-beginners who have chosenas his favorite instrument the guitar is ready for scrutiny chords. Mainly used several dozen chords, among which should be noted is not only simple triads, and seventh chords. In various books and tutorial on guitar seventh chords are indicated by the numeral 7. For example, the sound of the seventh chord on the letter E will appear E7. This type of chord is commonly used in the completion of verses in various songs. Seventh chords sound gives some innuendo music, but at the same time complete.

Preparing to play guitar

Before you start playing guitar or learningchords, you should set up the instrument. For this you need a tuner (a device for instruments tuning), or tuner-online. In-line tuners have advantages over real tuners. For example, if you live in a small town, where there are no specialized music stores, you can use the online tuner. To do this, you need to have an Internet connection and any installed browser on your computer. Type your query in any search engine "Tuner for Guitar online." Open any website which has a guitar tuner, guitar and begin tuning. It is best to start learning to play the guitar with a standard formation in MI. Once you learn how to quickly change the chords, select the melody by ear and improvise, you can move on to this system as Drop D, Double Drop D, Open G, etc.

How to take the E7 chord on the guitar

On many websites devoted to independentthe study of the guitar, you can find a large number of chords, their symbols, as well as the exact fingering (fingers posing for a particular chord). The same applies to the E7 chord on the guitar. To play a seventh chord of E (E7), you will need to put the middle finger on the second fret 5 string, index finger on the third fret of the string 1 and the little finger on the second fret of the string 3. Gently slide all the strings - you will hear the E7 chord.

An interesting point

It should be noted that for the unstable and blurredE7 chord should follow the other, claiming chord. For example, you can take after E7 chord of A (A Major) or a (Minor). Also, there are songs that after playing the E7 chord F (F Major). You can beat the seventh chord of MI in any way.

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