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How skillfully lie

How skillfully lie

Lies pours from our mouths every day. Whether consciously or not, a lie is a lie, as it is by any other name.

The need to cheat taught us resourcefulness and self-control - the more we learn about the lies, the less on it across.

A few simple rules will not reveal your deception.



Believe in what you are talking about. If so you are not confident in their own words, so to speak about your interlocutor!


To avoid any doubts, consider hishistory in detail. How would you have told her if she really is. Here are a few will have to get used to the role. Perhaps you once upon a time happened what you want to lie right now. Then just think that telling the truth, but slightly shifted in time.


You should take advantage of its memory, otherwise you will get confused in their own lies. If you have a dead hamster, then he should not do it every week.


Memory is important when you talk about the details. By the way, not too go deep into them, but they must be present in your history, and only a well-designed, and does not appear out of the air.


Writ half. To hype looked convincing, dilute it true, preferably one that can be verified.


Do not exaggerate. What seems important to you may well be small change for others.


Be aware of the physical manifestations of falsehood. Try to ensure that both speak and move during a conversation. Look in the eyes of the interlocutor with confidence. Maybe you will be ashamed, but that you decide to lie.


Be prepared to fail. In case you reveal, too, should be an excuse to reduce the consequences of lying to a minimum.

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