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As athletes speak of the ski slopes in Sochi

As athletes speak of the ski slopes in Sochi

Organizers of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi have been forced to make significant adjustments in a ski circuit in Krasnaya Polyana.

This was done after the top athletes commented by testing it on stage on March 2013 Biathlon World Cup.

What did the athletes

Members of the next World Cup Biathlonwhich was held in Sochi in March 2013, at the end of the competition presented their claims to developers. Most of the foreign athletes have found it too difficult and unsafe.

So, the world champion Tora Berger of NorwayHe said that at the Sochi ski run quite a few irregularities, not enough areas where you can relax a little, slow down. "There is always something will happen", - she added.

He expressed very firmly the head coach of the GermanFritz Fischer team. He called the Sochi ski track is not suitable for the Olympic Games. His categorical opinion Fischer explained by the fact that on the way too many climbs and descents, and virtually no flat areas beyond the boundaries of the stadium.

Member of the Swedish national team and Bjorn Ferrydisapprovingly commented on the ski track in Sochi. He found it too narrow, and predicted that in some areas will be very crowded, when there will be a lot of athletes.

In another tone spoke Russianbiathletes. They talked mostly about the merits of the track, rather than its shortcomings. So, Svetlana Sleptsova, Olympic champion, proudly announced that the track is built in Russian. Steep descents and ascents, the lack of places for recreation athlete considered advantages, not disadvantages. "To win the one who is more ready," - she said.

World champion biathlete Sergei Rozhkov told reporters that the Sochi track meets all international standards.

What conclusions

However, apart from words, there are objectiveDetails: during the competition in March 2013 happened quite a few downs. Athletes took off with the ski runs in turns, were injured. All this prompted developers to track skiing and biathlon complex "Laura" to change its configuration.

The main adjustment was subjected to descend on it inSpecifically, lowered elevation changes that will reduce the transmission speed. We are working to change the scheme specialists Biathlon Union of Russia, together with representatives of the International Biathlon Union.

It is expected that in October, "Laura" will receive all the necessary certificates and licenses.

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