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As an interesting note Old New Year

old New Year

Try to explain to a foreigner, that is the Old New Year.

Most likely, he will not understand, why have kept the tradition to celebrate the New Year according to the old calendar, the second time after the introduction of the new calendar. But, nevertheless, this strange tradition has taken root in Russia.

And many, if not on such a scale as the main New Year, but still celebrate this holiday. How to celebrate it?

Here are a few ideas.



Old New Year's Eve - the last in a series of New Year holidays, and it needs to adequately meet - cover a small, but nice holiday table. Be sure to stock up on a bottle of champagne and mandarin.


Let this holiday will be another opportunityThe coming year to meet and have fun. Update the Christmas tree - toys, add symbols of the coming year. Add a festive decoration of the room for something new.


Put a fun music and arrange a Christmas disco - let the whole year will be held just as much fun as you meet him. New comic competitions as well cheer up all those present.


Gathering with friends to meet Old NewYear, we can discuss the details of the meeting of the New Year on 31 December to see holiday photos and videos to remember particularly funny moments and laugh at them again.


Try to arrange a competition of jokes in a circle: Each participant tells for anecdote. Who could not remember - is eliminated from the game. Let the winner will receive any prize. Lovers of folk songs may be similar to a competition ditties.


Theme party "Children's Matinee" - letAll guests will come to meet the Old New Year in the New Year costumes for children - rabbits, snowflakes, teddy bears. Let all the children's poems talk to Santa Claus, run away from the evil Blizzard, lead dances around the Christmas trees. Sometimes it is helpful to dip back to childhood, to feel like a child. The evening will be just great. Do not forget to remove this action on video - will be something to laugh at the next meeting.


Good idea - to see all your favorite Christmas movie together, in the dark, by the light of candles and Christmas trees. While watching you can drink something pleasant - Champagne with chocolate or mulled wine.


With a creative approach to the organization of the party, the meeting of the Old New Year can get even more interesting than the main holiday. All pleasant festive evening.

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