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As an interested investor

As investor interest

Start your own business is impossible without initial investments. But as a rule, from novice businessman not enough own funds for this purpose.

Therefore it is necessary to attract investors, but it should be done properly.



Locate the original idea. Make sure that someone else is no longer embodied what occurred to you. In today's world of innovative ideas need to motivate novel and innovative approach to solving problems and meeting the needs of the potential customer.


Determine who may become your potential investors. Make a list of companies and individuals that could potentially want to invest in your idea of ​​your money.


Present your idea to potential investors. The most appropriate way to - to speak with his idea on a dedicated forum or other similar event, because it is on them in one place and at one time going to a lot of people willing to put their money into innovative ideas. Remember that the presentation should be clear, coherent, transparent, and, on, a brief opportunity. Be prepared to answer specific questions.


Begin to take at least some actioneven before you ask someone money. If the investor sees that you are not just talking but also acting, he will treat you more favorably.


Enlist the recommendation of a reputable thirdperson whose opinion can have a positive impact on your potential investor. This may be the investors, which you have already managed to attract other entrepreneurs, lawyers and accountants, professors.


Be honest. Talk about how the strong and the weak sides of your project. Demonstrate that you know about the existence of competitors, as well as their advantages over you and, most importantly, about your advantages over them.


Keep in touch with investors afterpresentation. Contact them within 24 hours, send the additional information it has requested on your project. Even if that person does not agree to invest in your idea of ​​the money, he can shine you with the right people.


Periodically remind yourself. But not just like that, for no reason (it will look obsession), and in relation to your progress and achievements (then it will be a persistence). Even if the investor does not agree to cooperate with you soon, your persistence in achieving goals can eventually convince him.

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