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How to interest the investor


How to interest the investor</a>

You can not start your own business without initial investment. But, as a rule, a novice businessman does not have enough funds for this.

Therefore, we have to attract investors, and we need to do this competently.



Find the original idea. Make sure that someone else does not already realize what came to your mind. In the modern world of innovative ideas, it is necessary to be interested in novelty and non-standard approach to solving problems and meeting the needs of a potential client.


Determine who can become your potential investors. Make a list of companies and people who might potentially want to invest their money in your idea.


Present your idea as a potential investor. The most suitable way is to come up with your idea at a specialized forum or other similar event, as many people are ready to invest in one place and at one time, ready to invest their money in innovative ideas. Remember that the presentation should be clear, coherent, clear and, if possible, brief. Be ready to answer clarifying questions.


Begin to take at least some actionEven before you ask someone for money. If the investor sees that you are not just talking, but also acting, he will treat you more favorably.


Obtain the recommendation of an authoritative thirdA person whose opinion can positively affect your potential investor. These may be those investors that you have already managed to attract, other entrepreneurs, lawyers and accountants, professors.


Be honest. Speak of both the strengths and weaknesses of your project. Demonstrate that you know about the existence of competitors, as well as their advantages over you and, most importantly, about your advantages over them.


Keep in touch with the investor afterPresentation. Contact him within 24 hours, send out the additional information he requested for your project. Even if this person does not agree to invest his money in your idea, he can shine you with the right people.


Periodically remind yourself of yourself. But not just without reason (it will look like obtrusiveness), but in connection with your successes and achievements (then it will already be perseverance). Even if the investor did not agree to cooperate with you at once, your persistence in achieving the goal may eventually convince him.

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