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How to enter into a turn

According to traffic police frequent causecar accidents are the wrong actions of the driver in extreme situations. And this applies not only beginners but also experienced motorists.

One of the most difficult maneuvers, which are not always able to cope with even the skilled driver is cornering.

Mastering the art of driving when cornering ensure driver safety and improve coordination.



If you want to make a turn at an intersection,at the entrance to it is still reduce your speed on the straight part of the road. Slow down so as to be able to pass the corner at a constant rate, supported by a gentle pressure on the accelerator pedal. Do not go into a turn at high speed and do not brake on the arc. Otherwise, you risk to be in the drift or by the roadside.


Enter the rotation of a gear. If you need emergency brake, you can do it almost instantly. So remember to carry out the maneuver with the released gas pedal is dangerous.


Watch out for rotating the steering wheel. Turn it into a larger than necessary to carry out the maneuver, the angle may result in the demolition of the car. Accuracy in the implementation of this action is achieved through repeated training.


While driving in the commission of the maneuverWe have to change direction. The driver with the steering wheel can be rotated in different directions. As a result, sudden movements can bring the car to the right and to the left. In order to avoid drifts and keep the car, try to turn the wheel smoothly, without jerks.


Choose the right bend. Do not try to cut corners to complete the maneuver more quickly. So the behavior you leave yourself less time and space for possible emergency actions. Enter the rotation on the most gently sloping path.


In turns remember about all sorts of factors,which can have an effect on the commission of the maneuver (eg, snow, ice, rain) and, on this basis, select the speed. Be careful when you do not show that during the turn, and always be prepared for the emergence of a pedestrian standing in the car, etc.


Exercise more to better the maneuver. Learn to control your car, show on the road extreme attention, learn to predict the situation.

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