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How to enter the turn


How to enter the turn</a>

According to the traffic police, a frequent reasonRoad accidents are the wrong actions of drivers in extreme situations. And this applies not only to beginners, but also to experienced motorists.

One of the complex maneuvers, which can not always be handled even by a qualified driver, is entering the turn.

Mastering the technique of driving when entering the turn will provide the driver with safety and improve coordination.



If you need to make a turn at the intersection,When approaching it, drop the speed even on the straight side of the road. Slow down so that you can pass the angle with a constant speed, supported by a gentle pressure on the gas pedal. Do not enter the turn at high speed and do not brake on the arc. Otherwise, you risk being in a drift or on the roadside.


Enter the turn on the gear. If there is a need to quickly brake, you can do it almost instantly. Therefore, remember, performing a maneuver with the gas pedal released is dangerous.


Watch the rotation of the steering wheel. Turning it to a larger angle than necessary to make a maneuver, can lead to the demolition of the car. Accuracy in the performance of this action is achieved by repeated training.


While driving while making a maneuverYou have to change the direction of motion. The driver can turn the steering wheel in different directions. As a result of sudden movements, the car can enter either the right or the left. To avoid skidding and holding the car, try to rotate the steering wheel smoothly, without jerking.


Choose the right turning path. Do not try to cut a corner to quickly complete the maneuver. This behavior leaves you less time and space for possible emergency actions. Enter the turn along the most gentle trajectory.


In the corners remember all kinds of factors,Can influence the maneuver (for example, snow, ice, rain) and, based on this, choose the speed. Be careful when you can not see what's around the corner, and always be prepared for the appearance of a pedestrian, a standing car, etc.


Practice more for better maneuvering. Learn to control your car, exercise extreme attention on the road, learn to predict the situation.

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