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How to automatically insulate the engine

Engine insulation</a>

Practically in all regions of Russia, winters are very cold.

Because of this, car enthusiasts often have to use the stove.

In addition, in the mornings you have to warm up the salon for a long time.

If this can not be remedied, the engine can be insulated.

Thanks to this, it will warm up faster.

Any driver knows that you can not go ifMotor cold. The car in this case simply does not budge. Before insulating the engine, it must first be cleaned. To do this, remove the grille and clean the dirt from the engine.
After cleaning, take the construction rouletteAnd make measurements under the engine. Then you need to do the same with the opening of the radiator grille. Thus, the dimensions for the future billet will be obtained. Now you can take the dermatine and apply the dimensions of the workpiece to it using chalk. After that, you need to cut out a piece of the appropriate size. The same steps should be taken with foam rubber. He will have to be under the dermatome. The dermatine should protrude from all sides of the foam rubber approximately 20 cm.
In the same way, you need to cut out the insulation forEngine. Only it is important not to forget to leave a hole for draining the oil. Of course, in the winter nobody will drain it, but it is better to do it, just in case. It is necessary to eliminate the contact between the collector and the exhaust pipe with foam rubber, otherwise the car may catch fire while driving. If it is impossible to do this, then you should use an asbestos tape. It is necessary to process crankcase protection with anti-corrosion agents. After that, you can install a lower heater.
To fix the top insulation you needDrill holes in the fenders. Enough of three holes on each side. The edges need to be treated with mastic. After, it is necessary to sew hooks to the top heater in accordance with the number of holes made. Next, you need to make a hole for the air. In the holes, bolts of suitable size with bolted steel hinges should be inserted. It is to them hooks of a heater will be attached.

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