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As an independent warm engine

engine Warming

In almost all regions of Russia winter is very cold.

Because of this, motorists often have to use the stove.

In addition, the mornings are slow to warm interior.

If this can not in any way correct, the engine can be warmed.

Due to this it will warm up faster.

Any driver knows that you can not go, ifcold motor. The car will simply not budge. Before the warm engine, it first must be cleaned. To do this, you need to remove the grille and remove the dirt from the engine.
After cleaning should take construction rouletteand make measurements under the engine. Then you need to do the same with an aperture grille. Thus, the size of the workpiece to be received next. Now you can take a leatherette and apply it blank dimensions using chalk. Then you need to cut a piece of an appropriate size. The same action should be done with foam. He will be under leatherette. Leatherette should extend on all sides of foam approximately 20 cm.
In the same way you want to cut the insulation tomotor. Only it is important to remember to leave an opening for draining the oil. Of course, in winter no one will wash away, but it is better to do it, just in case. Be sure to eliminate contact between the collector and the exhaust pipe with foam rubber, otherwise the car can catch fire during movement. If you can not do this, you should use asbestos tape. It is necessary to treat the protection of the crankcase by means of anti-corrosion agents. You can then install the lower insulation.
To fix the upper heater is necessaryDrill holes in the wheel arch liners. Enough of three holes on each side. The edges to be processed by means of mastic. After should hooks sewn to the upper heater in accordance with the number of holes made. Next you need to make holes for air. The holes to insert screws of suitable size with screwed steel hinges. That they will be hooked heater hooks.

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