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How to create your own kitchen design

How to create your own kitchen design

Compile kitchen project need to start repairs, to purchase building materials.

The project is necessary for the proper placement of the gas equipment, water supply and drainage system.

The initial stage of the design

Kitchen - is a complex place, in terms ofdesign. It is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances: to house the sink, where electrical appliances, where the gas or electric stove. The first step is to determine the functional part of the kitchen. It should make a list of all electrical and gas appliances, to make correct wiring and ensure the hosts the necessary number of sockets.

During repairs should immediately provideinstallation of meters for water, gas, installation of air conditioning systems. Because if this is not done soon, the future will have to break down what has already been repaired. The choice of materials is carried out in accordance with state standards.

In the kitchen, you can not use flammable, combustible mixtures and materials.

Create a project of kitchen units

An integral part of the kitchen - a kitchen set. Its designing is given most of the time. It is necessary to place all the built-in appliances rationally, to make the hostess feel comfortable while cooking. It is necessary to estimate the amount of things and objects that you want to post. Then determine the number of cases - suspended or floor. Before you design a set, you need to buy all the equipment including the refrigerator to have to know exactly the dimensions. And it may happen that the appliance is not fit and have to move to another room or corridor.
In the public domain there are somesoftware environment for the design of interiors: KitchenDraw, Interior Design. No need to have programming skills to build their kitchen from separate modules. With the help of these programs you can draw everything from the table, ending with LED lights, immediately set the color of the facades, the material of which it will be given the floor or wall. In other words, get 3D-model of the future kitchen.

Guided paper and electronic project, it is easier to pick up the furniture, accessories, appliances, building materials.

Lighting system

An important stage in the design of any room - itshine. It is necessary to consider the level of natural light and take care of the artificial. Sinks for dishes are located mostly in the corner of the room, which lacks proper illumination. This should be taken into account. It can be built-in lamp in the cabinets and lockers to see 100% all of their content. Care must be taken, and the primary light source.

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