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How to adjust the headlights

How to adjust the headlights

The driver must responsibly approach the issue of road safety.

Incorrectly adjusted headlight may cause an accident due to insufficient illumination of the carriageway or blinding other drivers.

Can I adjust the lights on their own?

You will need

  • -car-
  • -rovny stretch of road or land-
  • an absolutely smooth wall to adjust the reflected light-
  • -Colors marks for fixing on the wall.



First of all, to prepare a car procedureadjusting headlights. Look in the service book ratio of front and rear wheel pressure. Check staff position lamps. Fill the machine, it is better to fill the entire tank to improve the performance measurement and modeling situations the behavior of vehicles on the road. Pay attention to the balance of the car. Experienced motorists trying to load the machine in regular intervals, or invite an assistant who volunteered to play the role of balancing the load.


Align the headlights on the grid that you want toapplied to the wall. To do this, set the machine as close to the wall distance. Select a point on the wall opposite the central axis of the machine. Then find the central point of the car headlights, and also draw on the wall. Now connect the resulting point of the horizontal line of headlights. Draw a vertical line passing through the centers of all the points on the wall, including also central axis, which is drawn first.


Adjustment process is carried out in different ways,Depending on the vehicle model. Basically, he is twisting and adjusting headlights turn the screws responsible for the direction of the light beam. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust headlights individually, that is to isolate one of them, covering, for example, cardboard or other materials at hand.


After adjusting the total transition to the secondstage - note the horizontal and vertical grid lines. The main task of adjustment of headlights - to ensure that the light was the most horizontally along the horizontal grid lines are displayed on the wall. Ideally headlights car must shine directly on the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. If done correctly, headlights It is now regulated.

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