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AS always be better

How to become a better

It is the nature of human nature is that you always want to achieve more. The spirit of competition laid down in most of us.

Not everyone goes on about his subconscious desires, trying to compete with the world. Yet there is nothing wrong with the desire to become better than you are.

The main thing to do is not for someone, but for himself.

You will need

  • The motivation, willpower and self-confidence.



Do not try to catch everything at once. No one has so much time and effort. Always have to make a choice, sacrificing something. All life consists of compromises. And so you will never feel sorry about the lost time, remember this.


Become a professional, that bringspleasure. Spend valuable time only on what you like. To achieve more in life is possible only if you learn to do what you like, better than anyone, and do not waste your time on multiple paths at once.


Focus on your strengths and develop them. The same qualities that you do not like, fix or change to them. Very often, many of the shortcomings can become your strengths. After all, these qualities are shortcomings because to them so treat yourself. Change the attitude, look at them in a different way, and they can easily be turned into advantages.


Learn to extract useful information from any source. Read the book, watch the program, listen to the radio. You can never be sure when she might need.


Do not be afraid to change your life. Never too late to start all over again. Once and for all give up the idea that the chosen path can not go. Even made once the choice of profession may be wrong, but it does not mean that you have to spend the rest of life in one place.

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