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How to advertise a store


Opening your own store entails a lot of problems and issues: the choice of goods and suppliers, recruitment, installation of equipment.

But all efforts can be futile if the goods are not sold. Therefore, the first task of the store owner is to attract the buyer.

So, to find the answer to the question - how to advertise the store. Discover the secrets:



The most important is attractiveA title that not only tells about the proposed product, but also entices humor and eccentricity. But the main thing is that the name should be original, in no way reminding about another trademark,


The sign must attract attention. But the bright and large sign on the shop in a small side street will look flashy and annoying. In this case it is better to attract interesting design of the show-


Fill the store with life. Spend promotions, presentations, play the lottery. Celebrate regular customers, so that they feel the attention and care-


Give out presents to customersProducts and souvenirs, for example bags with a logo, stickers, use branded packaging. Print on it the terms of the shares and the amounts of discounts, and the buyers, taking it out of Shop, Will be your free advertising agents.


Beautiful facade. A good store should look fashionable, only by its appearance showing that only the best is traded here.


Stop the passer by the pillar. Of course, not in the literal sense. But a beautiful pillar with a thoughtful slogan will hold the eye of the passing by and attract him to the store-


Let advertises you everywhere printedProducts: at stops, on message boards, comes to apartments through mail boxes. Glue on the fences in the adjacent neighborhood advertising posters. Leaflets must be present inside Shop. Submit information about yourself in the brightest colors-


Advertising is neighborly. Offer to the owners of neighboring establishments to place inside the premises mutual advertising. This PR is very important for a beginner, because it will come from a reliable source already,


Wide assortment and quality. Your task is to anticipate the demand and offer the goods first and of excellent quality. Buyers are rather conservative. Shop Once, he will be faithful to him and will not go looking for another-


The best advertising is the price. Remember the pattern: the lower the price, the more buyers, and therefore more turnover. And this is the direct way to making a profit. Do not be lazy to find out prices from competitors and try to match them-


But this advice is correct if you are trading a typical commodity. Offer the buyer something extraordinary and in a single copy - then you can dictate your price.

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