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As advertised store


Starting your own store entails a lot of problems and questions: product selection and supplier personnel, equipment installation.

But all efforts may be futile if the item will not be sold. Therefore, the first task of the shop owner - to attract a buyer.

So to answer the question - how to market shop. Open secrets:



of paramount importance to attractivea name that not only tell about the products offered, but also will draw humor and eccentricity. But the main thing that was the original name, in any case, not reminiscent of another trade markers


sign should draw a sight. But bright and a big sign on the shop in a small side street will look gaudy and irritating. In this case it is better to attract interesting design vitriny-


replenish the store of life. Perform actions, presentations, the draw of the lottery. Celebrate regular customers, so they feel the attention and zabotu-


Distribute customers representationalproducts and souvenirs, such as packets with a logo, label, use the original packaging. Printed on it stock conditions and the size of discounts, and buyers, taking it out shop, Will be your free advertising agents.


beautiful facade. A good store should look fashionably, have only their appearance to indicate that here sell only the best.


Stop passerby pillar. Of course, not literally. But the beautiful pillar with thoughtful slogan delay a passing glance, and draws him into the store-


let you advertise widely printedProducts: bus stops, on billboards, comes into the apartment through mailboxes. Stick to the fences in the surrounding neighborhood posters. Flyers must be present inside shop. Give information about yourself in the most vivid kraskah-


advertising for a neighbor. Ask the owners of neighboring establishments place indoors mutual advertising. This PR is very important to the beginner, because it will have to come from a reliable source-


wide assortment and quality. - Your task is to anticipate demand and offer goods first and excellent quality. Buyers pretty konservativny.Otseniv work shop once, it will be faithful to him and not go look drugoy-


the best advertising - the price. Remember the rule: the lower the price, the more customers, which means more traffic. And this is a direct way to profit. Do not be lazy to learn the price of competitors and try them sootvetstvovat-


but this advice is correct, if a typical trading commodity. Suggest the buyer something extraordinary and one-off - then you will be able to dictate the price.

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