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How to advertise clothes

How to advertise clothes

There are some categories of goods, which will always be in demand. People, for example, always eat, dress up and get sick.

Clothing is one of the products, which is always required, it would seem, this should simplify the task of advertising and promotion.

However, this is not so, for selling clothes market is very crowded, it is necessary to resort to tricks.



In the case of the sale of garment is extremely important layoutproduct. Not only does the model have to be presented in the greatest possible number of sizes, so also they should hang in a certain order: blouse blouses, pants and trousers. First on the stand, as a rule, are hung black things, then white, and only then color, strictly disassembled by color. Especially if it's women's clothing store. Psychologists have found that a woman first chooses a color, and then pay attention to style, cut, unlike men. Also, in every color, first posted long thing and then shorter and shorter, until it reaches the next color. Hangers are located hook from the buyer to the wall or the center of the rack, if that is in the middle of the room. If there is a logo on the hanger, it must be turned to the entrance, that is facing the customer. Right at the entrance is recommended to place the things that sold poorly. What is in demand, and find a way, but illiquid goods needs special place attractive for consumer's eyes. Near the ticket office recommended to place small and cheap items in large quantities: as long as people are in the queue, they can pass the time by themselves what, in their opinion, is not expensive. Sometimes the total amount of purchases exceeds the amount of inexpensive purchase basic things.

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Window dressing.
Significantly showmanship, and the face of yourstore is a showcase. It should not be just things, even if they are very fashionable and popular. There must stay ready images, attention to detail, with carefully chosen color schemes and accessories. Do not skimp on mannequins. The more expensive mannequins, so they are better, but a good mannequin and clothes sits better. Interesting pose mannequins, whole staged scenes help to attract a buyer, even if he was just passing by on her way.

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Collaborate with magazines and websites. Print-quality catalogs and brochures, do not skimp on the quality of printed products, if you want to advertise clothes. Think about who your target audience is, whatpress she prefers? The most common modern glossy magazines are sold in cellophane individual package in which it is convenient to put a booklet with a catalog and an invitation to your store. Believe me, it will bear fruit very soon. You can also arrange a joint media contests, which will be played discounts or gift certificates to your store.


The Internet.
Be sure to provide a presence on the webthe Internet. Few create a website, it should be a good site with an excellent efficient functionality. Suppose, clothing catalog, where a mannequin is created using pictures of your buyer made online via his webcam. It is very convenient, people can not only view presented in your store assortment, and immediately pick up your style, color model.
Also communicate more. Find forums, blogs and groups in social networks, which are already being discussed, or may discuss your product, keep active discussions, offers customers speak, consider their views, it is in their finished ideas to promote and improve your business can be laid.

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