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AS A warm engine

How warm the engine

With the onset of winter and the arrival of cold weather, could not be more topical is the issue of conservation of heat in the engine compartment.

This is especially true of imported vehicles for which the motor cools down in winter in a matter of minutes.

You will need

  • Complete engine heater,
  • foil penopropilena? Q2. m
  • glue or double-sided tape.



It's no secret that the engine warm incold weather takes a lot of time at the driver. And the more often have to warm up the car, the more precious time is spent waiting for a set of working coolant temperature in the engine. Not to mention the fuel consumption that causes damage to family, and not just the budget.


To reduce financial losses and prolong engine life, itself suggests such a preventive measure, as an engine for the period of warming winter operation of the machine.


To perform work on the motor insulationcar cover modern market offers a variety of heaters, manufactured industrially. Buy that is possible in any trade organization. Each kit necessarily have the user manual for the insulation work in the engine compartment. It is enough to examine carefully, after which the motor insulation handle any car owner.


In cases where the motorist was unable, for one reason or another, purchase a set of engine heater, it can be made to retailers.


In the first phase sold thermal insulationthe material of which will be made of the engine heater. According to the? Home ?, experts best material, which is most worthy to cope with its task, to date, considered penopropilena foil used for insulation in the construction of baths and saunas.


Next, it's pretty simple. You can close penopropilenom engine compartment completely, foil to the engine, and then trim the excess insulation, so that they are not sticking out in all directions from under the hood closed.


But the more correct will be an option whena heater, on a pre-made paper clothes patterns, cut out and mounted directly to the back of the hood, the foil side of the motor. The pattern can be attached with glue or double-sided tape, that is, which is applied to both surfaces of the adhesive layer.

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