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HOW just save up for a dream?

How to save just a dream?

It has long been dreaming of something, but not enough money to carry out their dreams, and take another loan there is no desire and opportunity?

Closer to the dream may be old-fashioned way - to save money.

It turns out that it can be done quite easily and simply.

The first thing to do - is to define itstarget. The goal is to be one. For example, do you want to go on a trip to Europe. Mentally keep this goal in your head and imagine how you'll be glad to go on this trip. Clearly the goal will motivate you to all that is necessary to achieve it.
Now find out how much money you need to keep inpocket to accomplish this goal. A sober assessment of their earnings and determine how many months you will need to accumulate the required amount of money.
Define strict amount that you will beset aside from their salary every month. For example, 20 thousand. And every month it put off this amount from his salary - no less. This will be your emergency supply, to take money from which it is impossible for all but the most extreme cases.
The rest of the money - this is something that you will liveThe entire month. But it will be great if, before the receipt of the next paycheck you will be certain amount. Do not waste it on small purchases, and attach to your emergency supply.
Would you like to have more money - it is necessary to work harder. Think about where you can get additional income. Your head, your ideas, your capable hands - all this is a source of money. The main thing - skillfully dispose of everything at your disposal. When you start to get some extra money, apply them to your emergency supply.
Ask loved ones to give you gifts of money. So your emergency supply replenished with additional funds, and your relatives and friends also contribute to the fulfillment of your dreams.
Do not keep emergency supplies on the card. It will be very difficult to deal with an overwhelming desire to buy some trifle, having spent only two thousand of your stock. And if these two thousand securely attached together with the rest of the stock of the house, away from the shops and boutiques, spend it will be much harder.
At the same time do not forget to occasionally indulge yourselfsmall and nice shopping. This will not be depressed by a permanent job, where you get a salary, from which you delay a certain amount, and the remaining spend only the bare necessities. Small purchases dilute these unpleasant sensations.

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