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As a set of song

To listen to your song, it is necessary to mixing and mastering

Everyone who is associated with music recording, faced with the need to reduce this music. Indeed, the "raw" recording of the song does not have the artistic and musical value.

To your song recorded in multiple tracks and channels, listen, it is necessary to mixing and mastering, cleans the sound and releasing the right moments and sounds.

To make really high-quality mix of music requires skills and experience.



To reduce sound recordings in the room, maximum isolation from ambient noise and unnecessary sounds.


Before mixing faders set hissound editing software to zero and use the monitors for professional sound engineering? as headphones and speakers, with zero frequency characteristics.


Listen to head monitors raw tracks to understand how you are going to reduce them, and what results in the first place will achieve.


For a start, get rid of noise and interference, while maintaining the maximum quality of the original sound intact.

First of all, go by reducing low frequency? adjust the drum track using compression and reverb, as well as allocation of low and high frequencies in the right places.


After the rhythm section, adjust the bass track. Spread the rest of the bass and melodic instruments panned to achieve the sound volume. Can you duplicate the track to make it sound more powerful.


Then adjust the sound and balancemelodic instruments and vocals. On vocals pay special attention to? adjust the notes, add effects, adorning the voice (eg, hall or reverb), apply compression.


Duplicate the vocals on the left and right channels to the panorama it sounded volume and beautiful.
These steps will prepare your track to a more serious and deep processing.

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