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How to grow your own from seed Cyclamen

How to grow your own from seed Cyclamen

Tsiklamen- very popular flower, which is a perennial plant, forming a corm.

The main feature of Cyclamen is that it is zimnetsvetuschim plant, thus attracting more and more fans tsvetovodov-.

Cyclamen need to be put on a well-litplace. Best suited place on the windowsill of the northern window. Never place cyclamen south or west side, because plant from the heat can be lost.

In preparing the soil for sowing seeds, paynote that for better development of the root system it is necessary to add 1/8 of the vermiculite. Before sowing, the soil should be slightly compacted by shaking the pot.

The most the best time for sowing seedsdekabrya- is the end of the beginning of January. For higher germination seeds cyclamen it is recommended to soak in a light pink solution of potassium permanganate. Seeds should be planted 2-3 cm. Between each other, prisypaya land only 0.5 cm. Then close the pot foil and send in a dark place with a temperature of 18-20 c.

Once appeared tiny seedlings, you need to ventilate the pot for 10-15 minutes, lifting the film (in any case do not put the pot on the draft)

When the adult shoots, removefilm and put the pot on a bright place. At the first watering should be very careful, strong water jet can damage the plant. Therefore it is best to water the seedlings from the sprinkler. After a few days of the tubers will leaflets.

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