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As a self-build a strip foundation

How to build your own strip foundation

Construction of strip foundation has its own characteristics.

Fill Basics quite simple.

At the initial stage the necessary calculationspower and depth of laying the foundation, and only then proceed to the main preparatory work and direct installation of the formwork, the reinforcement cage.

You will need

  • - closely
  • - scheben-
  • - pesok-
  • - gravel
  • - armatures
  • - Wire vyazaniya-
  • - Cement.



load level for the next foundation - itthe secret of which is necessarily considered. All calculations are reduced to ensure that the foundation was strong enough, but with the amount of the final construction is not increased to the maximum level. Moreover, the lack of power base will lead to rapid destruction of the construction of the building, so you should contact the experts on designing for the help of calculations or use special formulas.


The level of soil freezing in your area anddepth of groundwater - the main parameters of the direct determination of the depth of the foundation. Your foundation should be laid so that it is not flooded groundwater and at the same time so that the concrete is not destroyed during the freezing.


Substantive preparations for the construction of foundationIt is a series of works. First complete the layout, dig a hole under the pit, strengthen inner layer of soil, set the formwork, Mount the reinforcement cage. Fill - this is the final stage of the preparatory process.


Formwork set taking into account the fact that it would have to withdraw after the pouring of the foundation. Now on sale, there are elements of removable formwork. Also, you can take them in the short-term lease.


Remember, reinforcing cage - this is an important elementfoundation. It is mounted inside the casing installed in view of the load carrier. Direct mounting is performed by welding, and ligaments with a special binding wire.


With direct pouring of the foundationkeep in mind the quality of the concrete must meet certain standards. For heavy construction suitable cement grade 400 and a high quality crushed stone fines.


complete solidification of the solution corresponds to the time28 days. After this period, you can start immediate construction. But immediately after the installation of the strip foundation is to take care of the masonry plinth. Then wait for a specified time and begin the erection of walls.

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