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As a registered site


In Russia, a huge number of people are members of any garden associations and have a garden or cottage.

Sooner or later they will face the problem that the cottage should be privatized and how to register a lot do not know.

& Nbsp-registration process itself is not verycomplicated, but it requires the knowledge of a large number of bureaucratic nuances and laws. Therefore, if you do not want to apply several times and thus to renew the registration for an indefinite period, first carefully study the requirements for this procedure.

  1. First you need to appeal to your gardenAssociation to its chairman. In addition, he tells how to register a lot, the head of the company must give you the following documents: a certificate which confirms the location of your garden according to the general plan. In addition to her accompanied by a copy of the master plan with the designation of the border area. If your site has a structure, the Chairman shall issue a certificate of conformity of the constructed building master plan.
  2. After receiving these documents you writean application for registration of your site and submit it to private ownership. They must apply to the district executive committee, in which the cooperative is registered. There must issue a permit application form to start the land management business.
  3. After receiving permission to land managementmatter must be addressed in the organization of land management that has a license for carrying out all the necessary procedures for registration of land. case Production time is an average of 2 months from the day you applied. Although, given the bureaucracy and the slow work of all of our executive government bodies, it may take another 2-3 months.
  4. After receiving the land use cases in the hands ofyou need to go to the district office or any of the branches of the Agency for State registration and land cadastre. There you will get a certificate of state registration of land, technical passport on your garden house or other capital construction (if they are available, of course), the certificate of state registration of a suburban real estate. To do this, you need to submit a package of documents, which includes a passport, land management file, a letter from the Chairman of your garden association of compliance structure at the site master plan development (in the case if the building is put into operation until 8 May 2003), the decision of the Executive Committee of the allocation of land

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