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As a registered political party

How to register a political party

Democracy as a form of political structure of the state, suggests feasible participation of all citizens in political and social activities.

In practice, this means that the citizen has the right to not only select, but also to be elected, by resorting to the creation of various political organizations - parties or movements.



New political parties - not the easiest thing,especially in Russia, where on the way of creating such a structure, you will inevitably encounter various bureaucratic and legal obstacles. Remember that when commitment and ownership of the necessary information, it is quite feasible. Creating a batch begins with a study of the main document - the Federal Law № 95-F3 "On political parties" on 11 June 2001. It regulates the establishment and registration of parties, determining what should be its structure, the symbolism of the name, the package of necessary documents and the order of registration. Start making your party with the scrutiny of the law.


The party can not exist without its members,therefore enlist the support of the population. You need a lot of supporters - for the registration of the party, according to the law "On political parties", it is necessary 100 thousand people with party tickets of your structure. However, in Russia there are many Party organizations acting not as the party "United Russia", as well as an unregistered political structures. Important - you must ensure that their offspring a clear structure and support of broad sections of society.

Officially, your political party will begin itsexistence since the founding congress. Remember, for the convocation you do not need to obtain permission of state structures. Once you make the decision at the founding congress of the establishment of the party, its constitution and political program - your party will be officially considered established.


The founders of a political party considereddelegates to the founding congress, which, after the establishment of the party, becoming its members. That was the beginning, for example, the party of "just cause". Alternatively, a political party can be established on the basis of already existing associations or movements, in which case the party will appear in conjunction with the introduction of the corresponding record in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Do not forget that it is important to achieve broad supportamong the population, then register will be much easier. To do this, you must obtain the proper party structure - in addition to the central management committee you need regional offices. They help to attract supporters in the various regions of the country. Expand the network of regional offices - and you will extend the impact of your organization.

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